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How To Secure Your Home When You’re On Vacation

Planning a vacation is an exciting time, but it can also be stressful. One of the biggest concerns when leaving for a vacation is the safety and security of your home. As much as you would love to leave your worries behind and enjoy a stress-free vacation, you still need to protect your home while you’re away. Burglars often target homes that look empty and unprotected, so taking steps to make your home less of a target is essential. Doing so can minimize the risk of a break-in and ensure your home remains secure. Several smart security systems keep your home safe while on vacation. From using smart doorbells and securing windows to using smart home technology, there are many strategies you can use to make your home less vulnerable. Let’s first look at what a home security system is.

Home Security System

It is a set of devices and components that protect your home and keep it secure. A typical home security system includes sensors, cameras, and an alarm that can alert you and the authorities if there’s any unauthorized entry or suspicious activity in your home. Smart security systems are increasingly smart, with features like voice control, mobile access, and advanced video monitoring. Installing these gives you peace of mind that your home is monitored and protected even when you’re away.

Tips To Secure Your Home

Install Security Camera

Smart security cameras can help deter burglars and provide valuable evidence during a break-in. DPS offers a variety of security camera options, including indoor and outdoor cameras, doorbell cameras, and even video door intercoms. Their cameras include HD video, motion detection, and night vision, which you can access remotely through the ADT mobile app.

Secure Your Wi-Fi Network

Your home’s Wi-Fi network can be vulnerable to hacking. Ensure your network is password-protected, and consider changing the default login authorization for your router. One can also use a virtual private network (VPN) to encode your internet traffic and protect your data.

Check Your Home Insurance Coverage

Ensure your home insurance policy provides adequate coverage for theft and other damages. Suppose you’re going to be away for a long time. In that case, you may need to notify your insurance provider and take additional steps to protect your home.

Don’t Leave Spare Keys Outside

Leaving a spare key under a doormat or flower pot is a common mistake that can put your home at risk. Instead, leave your spare key with a trusted neighbor or friend, or invest in a smart lock to grant access to authorized individuals.

Secure Your Garage

Your garage can be an easy entry point for burglars, especially if it’s attached to your home. Ensure your garage door is locked, and consider investing in a smart door opener to control access remotely.

Consider Installing Motion-Operated Lights

Motion-operated lights can be an effective way to deter burglars and provide added security at night. Place them around the perimeter of your home and near entrances to help scare off potential intruders.

Don’t Announce Your Vacation On Social Media

Posting about your vacation on social media can be tempting, but doing so can be a security risk. Announcing your absence can alert burglars that your home is empty, making it an easy target. Instead, wait until you return from vacation to share your photos and experiences.

Put Your Mail On Hold

A mailbox overflowing with mail is a sign that nobody is home. Contact the post office and ask them to hold your mail while you’re away. Suppose you’re going to be gone for an extended time. In that case, consider suspending other deliveries like newspaper and magazine subscriptions.

Use Timers For Lights And Electronics

Creating the illusion that someone is home can be an effective way to deter burglars. Set up timers for lights and electronics so that they turn on and off at different times throughout the day. It can also help save on power bills while you’re away.

Install A Smart Doorbell

Google nest doorbell or a smart doorbell is a great way to keep an eye on your front porch when you’re away. These devices have a built-in camera to see who’s at your front door. You can also talk with the person at your door using your smartphone. It is beneficial if you’re expecting a package while away.


Taking the time to secure your home before vacation can help prevent burglaries and provide peace of mind. From investing in a home security system to letting your neighbors know you’ll be gone, there are many steps to keep your home safe. Following the above-mentioned tips, you can enjoy your vacation without worrying about your home. If you want to install a security home, contact us now!

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How To Ensure Child Safety In House?

Your main priority as a parent is to keep your kids safe. However, no matter how highly you value child safety, you can only be in some places. It could be necessary for you to leave your baby with a nanny when you go back to work or let your preschoolers play in the backyard while you make lunch. Maybe you let your seventh-grader stay home alone after school for a few hours, or perhaps you want to be sure your adolescent isn’t slipping out after you go to bed.

Regardless of where you are, a smart home security system can provide you with the parental assurance you require. Combine monitoring home security, real-time video feeds, remote access, smart door locks, and other home automation equipment with surveillance cameras for the utmost child protection.

6 Tips To Ensure Child Safety

Many different home security systems are available, and figuring out the best fit for your family can be daunting. To help you make a sound decision, here are some tips on the best ways to safeguard your child with a home security system:

01. Install Home Security Systems With Video Surveillance

The technology used by security firms has improved in recent years, expanding the functionality and capabilities of home security systems. One of the most valuable tools nowadays is the webcam with active video surveillance. With the help of their mobile device, this feature gives parents access to their homes while they are away. These cameras have a 360-degree rotational capability and may be installed in any room or area of the house. The only thing the parents need to do to view the cameras at any moment is to use the smartphone application on their mobile device. Parents can also tilt the smartphone camera to get the exact picture of the entire space they choose.

02. A Home Security System’s Ease Of Use

The ease of use for kids aged ten and up is another fantastic feature to guarantee kids’ security while left home alone. This function enables older kids to use the installed security system. The touch screen built into the house will walk you through arming or disarming the system. You can read the instructions on the screen to arm your system or have the home security system read them loudly. Kids can set the alarm when they reach home, heightening protection while you’re away.

03. Choose A System With 24/7 Monitoring

One key factor in choosing a home security system is whether it offers 24/7 video surveillance. This means a professional security company monitors the around-the-clock and can dispatch help in an emergency. It’s essential to have a security system monitored around the clock in case of an emergency. Hence, you can have peace of mind knowing that help is just a call away.

04. Install window and door sensors

One of the most common ways burglars enter a home is through windows and doors. Window and door sensors are other essential aspects of a home security system. These sensors alert you if someone tries to break in, allowing you to call the police. Ensure install sensors on all entry points, including windows and doors, to provide maximum protection for your family.

05. Use Smart Home Technology

Many home security systems now come with smart home technology, which allows you to control and monitor your system using your smartphone or tablet. This can be especially useful if you’re away from home and want to check in on your child or ensure your home is secure.

06. Add-ons To the Security System

In addition to installing a home security system, there are other measures you can take to safeguard your child and your home. Ensure secure all entry points with solid locks, including windows and doors. Consider installing a security gate or fence around your property to deter burglars. Keep valuables and essential documents in a secure location, such as a safe or lockbox.

Bottom Line

It’s essential to regularly test and maintain your home security system to ensure it’s functioning correctly. This may include testing the sensors and alarms, replacing batteries, and updating the system with the latest software. DPS, the ADT-authorized dealers in California, are well known for offering high-end home and business security systems and Smart home automation devices to help you keep up with the modern lifestyle without worries!

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Why Should You Never Ignore Home Security Maintenance?

Wear and tear concerns all machinery, including your home security system. That is why routine home security maintenance is critical. And you cannot deny it in any case. Security system components commonly degrade over time. Cameras, sensors, outside lighting, doors, locks, and access control systems; all require regular maintenance to work effectively.

Neglecting security system maintenance shortens the life of your safety system and makes your home or company premises insecure, allowing burglars, criminals, and miscreants to enter. As a result, office and home security system maintenance should be your top priority right now if it isn’t already.

Continue reading to understand the importance of home security maintenance in detail:-

Environmental Pollutants

Dust, hair, and other small particles constitute a stumbling block for sensitive security systems. Overheating can occur once they infiltrate the interior components. Maintain the cleanliness of all fans, keyboards, and monitors used in your security operation. Consider air purifiers and ionizers, and seal doors and windows in sensitive rooms to keep particles out. If not done, it can damage your security systems permanently.

Inadequate system updates

Your office and home security system software components provide frequent upgrades. Either there is a weakness in the existing code, a critical functionality has been introduced, or cyberattacks require additional safeguards. Many programs send updates automatically, while others notify you. To reduce your risks, keep all software and security applications up to date.

Similarly, any hardware used in your security should not be outdated. Older machines are more prone to failure. Adequate bandwidth and network needs must also be addressed to improve your security operation, mainly if any element is wireless or you are storing a vast quantity of data.

Tragic Outcomes

If a security device fails to work properly when essential, the business’s cost might be substantial. The price in human lives may be higher. An assault on business property that goes unnoticed and uninterrupted by security personnel because of camera malfunctions due to poor maintenance might immediately lead to disastrous outcomes for victims and, of course, legal action being taken against the firm.

Increase the Criminal Attacks

Cameras are effective deterrents, but their installation creates a false sense of security if they are not constantly checked. Criminals are not easily deterred; therefore, monitoring technology alone will not be enough. Following installation, the streams must be continually scrutinized.

Remember that an unnoticed security camera will not prevent a breach. It will merely log the occurrence. Therefore it is important to check the cameras so that they can work and act as protection for your places.

Database erasure

Outside interference is one of the many ways hard drives can be corrupted. Your firm may struggle to recover if your database is lost. Combine strict outside and interior security measures with numerous backups of all your data regularly. Maintain your data on safe portable discs or commit to Cloud storage.

Breakage in Multiple Cameras Functionality

Multiple cameras enable the seamless tracking of a culprit from the crime site, tracing a person from camera to camera. This can result in a vehicle or person’s identification, or it can even allow authorities to verify stalking and purpose and identify the collaborators of the accused.

If one of the cameras is turned off due to maintenance errors, the chain of identification might be disrupted. Another apparent reason for having sufficient cameras up and operating to capture different viewpoints is that minutes and seconds of identification matter a lot.

Inadequate resource allocation

Regarding system security, this is not the time to cut corners. You must allocate the required financial resources to safeguard your business. Failure to do so will save you money soon but expose you to huge costs afterward. Damage or theft on your property is costly; the threat of bodily injury to staff or guests is considerably more expensive. Therefore, consider it for effective maintenance.


You shouldn’t wait for anything to go wrong before discovering how well your security system functions. Maintaining your security system on a preventative basis will allow you to get the most out of it, saving your work or offices from getting stranded by criminals. You can connect with the best and authorized dealers in California to regularly maintain your security systems. To know more, contact us now!

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9 Easy Ways To Secure Your Home From Break-Ins

Shifting into a new home can be exciting, but putting a home security system in place and starting up with security systems and devices can be intimidating. However, securing your home should be a top priority since a burglary occurs every minute. And keeping your family and property safe should be a primary focus. Fortunately, by installing a home security system, you can strengthen your home’s security and stop break-ins.

Here are nine simple ways to secure your home from burglaries and break-ins:

1. Lock the doors

With the rise in domestic thefts and burglaries, double-checking your home’s locks before leaving is now more critical than ever. You must secure the hinges on the doors and windows and change the locks regularly. You may no longer leave your home keys beneath the mat or in a flower pot when you go out. You must install anti-theft alarms or locks on all entryways to your home. Make it a practice to close the garage door every time you enter or leave the house. Consider acquiring an automated garage door opener or selecting an intelligent garage door if you usually overlook this.

2. Light up the yard

You may have heard that the majority of burglaries occur at night. If a criminal tries to break into your home, he will not want to be in the spotlight; this works in our favor when we place lights in the yard. Install motion sensor lights in the driveway or near the garden gnome to frighten intruders as soon as they approach your yard. When installing security lights, you may wish to consider the following tips:

3. Get A Safe

If, despite these precautions, you still experience a break-in, secure your things by installing a locker. A safe will serve as your last defense against stealing your valuables. A vault adds an extra layer of protection and can be outfitted with several locks. When looking for a safe, keep the following things in mind:

4. Invest In Security systems

There was a period when security cameras were standard and successful in deterring burglars due to the fear of being detected. However, in the gen z period, the cameras will be stolen along with the goods. Modern challenges necessitate modern solutions. Thus you should invest in security systems. With the introduction of home security systems, you can now watch real-time activity and set alarms to inform you of suspicious activities. A home security alarm system will be your knight in shining armor and help you achieve 100% security.

5. Peephole to the Rescue

Some bold criminals may knock on your front door to see if anybody is home, and if you open it, they will try to lure you inside by offering you a product or a fascinating narrative. An easy and affordable solution to prevent questionable people is to put a keyhole at eye level on your front door or to install a doorbell camera. In addition, it is critical to inform and educate your children about neighborhood crimes so that the next time someone comes on the door imitating the delivery guy, your child knows better than to answer the door.

6. Mailbox security

Keeping your delivered gifts safe from yard thieves entails safeguarding your front porch as part of your home security system. Every year, billions of items are sent in the United States alone, particularly during the Christmas season, and many of those purchased products remain unattended for hours, luring burglars. With doorstep piracy on the rise, you may protect your belongings by purchasing a patio lockbox or a postal sensor, a little gadget that connects to your mailbox and alerts you when it is accessed. You might even need identification upon delivery to avoid leaving your products unattended until you arrive home.

7. Replace locks and doors

If your door isn’t sturdy enough, you might face a break-in. One of the most typical ways robbers break into a house is to break through the door. Install doors with sturdy material so thieves don’t stand a chance. Install hinges and screws and secure-proof the windows and garage doors too.

8. Home Automation

Home automation can be costly and vulnerable to theft, but adding a few low-cost, security-enhancing smart-home technologies is still a good idea. For example, you may put intelligent light bulbs in porch lights and program them to turn on automatically at night. You may also consider installing smart door locks, which open and shut the door remotely and authorize entry to a guest or maid.

9. Secure Windows

Burglars typically seek easy targets, and an unlocked window is just that. So even while you’re at home, it’s a great way to protect them. Also, double-check the doors and the first windows to verify they’re all secured before leaving the property. Finally, install window stops on your double-hung windows to prevent burglars from breaking.


Nobody wants to be the one facing a house burglary. Implementing the guidelines on this checklist can deter and prevent criminals while keeping your family and property safe. Once you’ve completed a few items on this list, you can go to the next item on the checklist. Every minor modification will make your house and loved ones feel safer. Direct Protection Security is your go-to company when hiring someone to secure your homes or get home security systems. Our one-of-a-kind company ensures that home safety is prioritized and your demands are met without any loopholes for any breach of security.

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Top 7 Checklists To Make Your Home Safer

Property crime has been the most common form of offense in the US. Many people may have been victims of property crime at some point. Still, most are unaware of the scope of crime in their area, so having a thorough awareness is critical to staying safe and secure. Constantly changing trends in how crimes happen or thieves operate have been observed. Simultaneously, the method of law enforcement agencies to combat the threat has been upgraded. Yet, it is keenly advised to keep your home security services in check to avoid major mishaps.

Following is the top checklist to make your home safer:

1. Emergency Numbers

Always keep emergency numbers saved on every phone in your home (including fire, police, doctor(s), ambulance service, etc.). Specific scenarios may develop from time to time, causing panic and confusion. The best thing you can do is be prepared and have emergency numbers on hand to avoid chaos. This would help you in reaching out to emergency services on time.

2. Keep Your Locks In Check

It is no wonder that doors and windows are invaders’ most common entry points. If you have simple doors, ensure your external doorways are well-equipped with a high-quality locking system. You might consider a secondary lock that stops gliding doors from being forced open, along with the standard door lock for sliding doors and windows.

3. See Who Is At Your Door

Generally, the front doors come with a peephole. If your entry doesn’t have one, you might need to install it. The inability to see who approaches your front door is a significant concern. This could be a means for a criminal to obtain access to the home. Thus, installing a camera doorbell can be a wise option to secure your home in a better and more advanced way. When someone approaches the front door, it records HD video, which you can view in real-time to confirm visitors’ identities.

4. Choose Best Safety Practices For Vacations

Theft reports pile up during vacation seasons. Hence it is crucial to secure your home before leaving for the trip. Do not broadcast everything on social media about your travel, as it may provide the criminal an opportunity to signal that the house is empty. If you have any magazines or newspaper subscriptions, you might need to stop them while you are away.

5. Manage Your Spare Keys

One of the most critical home security and alarm system rules is never leaving a key outside. In the fast-paced scenario, even criminals are becoming more intelligent. They know almost all familiar hiding places for spare keys. No matter how brilliant you believe your hiding place is, there’s a strong chance a burglar will consider it. Thus you must be cautious about what you do with the extra keys. An alternate solution could be handing the keys to your trusted neighbors or a nearby family member. Also, you can use technology for the same–door keypads enable one to secure their home with security codes. Smart locks provide a keyless entrance and may be locked or opened using a smartphone app. They can also be set to send alerts to your phone and keep access to records.

6. Examine Your Security System

An advanced ADT home security alarm system has proven to be one of the most effective ways to protect your home. Timely review can be a great way to keep everything under control. Most panels contain a testing tool that allows you to verify that all components are functioning correctly. As for cameras, make sure they are placed at right angles. Notify your smart wireless system provider that you’ll be testing and double-check each component for functionality.

7. Upgrade Your Security System

Ensure all your home automation systems are updated to the latest version and that all features function perfectly. If your cameras are older, you should consider a newer type that records in HD. You get increased security and a wide range of functions with smart systems. You may install smart locks, lights, image sensors, fire prevention, protection devices, etc. The best time to check your security system is while examining it.


Many unknown risks might exist in homes, threatening anyone – from infants to the elderly. Apart from theft, consumer products in the home injure 33 million people each year, yet most of these accidents are preventable. Thus practicing prevention and hazard-proofing your house can save lives. This can be done by installing smart home safety systems. Direct Protection Security offers various security services, including security cameras, alarms, doorbells, motion sensors, etc., and other automated safety systems to keep your home safe. To know more, contact us now!