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Google Nest Mini

Google Nest Mini

Imagine waking up to soothing melodies from your favorite playlist filling the air and your spirits with positive energy. With flawless integration into your smart home, the Google Nest Mini allows you to control your home devices effortlessly with a simple voice command. 

It’s a smart assistant that helps you fluently navigate your day. Frequently, switching from one task to another might be challenging. However, the Nest Mini transforms your house into a supporter who helps you throughout. From setting reminders for important meetings, managing your shopping list, and enhancing your home’s security by keeping a close tab on your surroundings, all can be done through voice commands. Our Nest Mini understands your preferences and helps make your life more streamlined and effective.  

It seamlessly blends creativity, security, and convenience, transforming your home into a sanctuary that responds to your every need. From starting your day with the perfect playlist to effortlessly managing your tasks and staying connected to the safety of your home, the Nest Mini enriches your living space and becomes an extension of yourself. 

Compact Design
Rich And Clear Sound

Premium, immersive Key Features


Voice Control

You have the power of Google Assistant at your command. Use your voice to manage your home systems, set timers, ask questions, and more. Just say, “Hey, Google," and let your Nest Mini take care of the rest.

Multi-Room Audio

Connecting multiple Nest Mini speakers allows you to play accompanying music in different rooms or create a surround sound experience. Enjoy seamless audio throughout your home, immersing yourself in your favorite melodies.

Smart Home

Smart Home Compatibility

Works with a wide range of smart home devices, allowing you to control lights, thermostats, cameras, and more with a simple voice command. Enjoy the comfort of a truly connected home as you effortlessly acclimate to settings and cover your devices.

Sustainable Design

Sustainable Design Approach

Exemplifies Google's commitment to sustainable techniques. Its external enclosure is courteously crafted using at least 35% post-consumer recycled plastic. It has lowered the need for plastic through its integration into manufacturing.

Together, let us make a haven where safety and love intertwine

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Google Nest Mini requires a stable Wi-Fi connection to function duly. It connects to your house network, letting it access the internet and giving you the full spectrum of features and abilities.

Yes, you can make hands-free phone calls using the Google Nest Mini. Use your voice to initiate calls, and the Nest Mini will connect you through its built-in microphone and speaker. 

The Google Nest Mini does indeed come with built-in privacy measures. The microphone can be muted with the help of a physical switch, making Google Assistant unresponsive to voice instructions. You may review and remove your voice recordings from the Google Home app for even more privacy control.

Yes! Bluetooth lets you stream music straight from your smartphone to the Google Nest Mini. Pair your device with the Nest Mini to enjoy your favorite music, podcasts, or audiobooks wirelessly.