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Stay Ahead Of Potential Threats With Our Reliable Security Products.

Our Products Range

We comprehend your deep bond with your home and the irreplaceable value it holds in your life. That is why we are passionately committed to giving you a range of products with a sincere commitment to your safety and stability of mind. Our watchful security systems are loyal guardians, watching over your cherished residence day and night. We produce an invisible shield with state-of-the-art detectors and smart monitoring devices, ensuring that every nook and cranny is protected from any harm.   

So, explore our exceptional product range, and let us be the guardian angels that watch over your home. 

Fire & Safety

We understand the immense weight of responsibility in guarding your home and loved ones, which is why our detectors and covering systems go above and beyond. In an emergency, they seamlessly summon visitors to your doorstep, ensuring qualified assistance arrives fleetly. Your peace is our top priority, and our devoted DPS team will guide you through our comprehensive fire safety services. Reach out to us today, and let us be your trusted protectors in the face of uncertainty. 

Automation Devices

The weight of worry will be lifted from your shoulders as we become your unvarying shield, fiercely dedicated to guarding your cherished house and everything it holds dear, with our technical home security systems. Day and night, we stand vigilant, ready to respond swiftly to any danger that may dare to approach your doorstep. Together, we will keep your home safe from all troubles.

Security Camera

We offer a complete range of security solutions that can help you protect every square inch of your residence. Our home security cameras stand as guards and protect your property against trespassers, defacers, and those who wish to cause harm. Through the lens of our video cameras, we not only give a vigilant eye but also forge a vital connection to our monitoring station, ensuring that help is always just a call away.

Top Salient Features

One of California’s best home and business security service providers, Direct Protection Security, works to protect you and your property to provide you with greater peace of mind.

High-Tech Professional Monitoring

You may relax knowing that DPS is always alert and prepared to assist you in an emergency. With our 24/7 professional monitoring services, we offer peace of mind to our clients and customers.

Precise Installation

Since we began, DPS has provided the greatest home security services in the country, and we want to make sure you're satisfied with them. As a result, we handle each system installation with utmost care.

6-Month Money-Back Guarantee

We provide the best money-back guarantee in the market because we are so certain of the excellence and dependability of our products.

Theft Prevention

Feel easy knowing that if a burglary takes place while your system is armed, up to $500 of your insurance payment will be paid.

System Servicing

If any of your system's components are flawed or broken, we'll repair them or replace them.

Flexible Packages

Security requirements vary depending on your household and family. In order to satisfy them, we create a smart security system.

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Get peace of mind with the help of our local security experts. Book a free consultation at DPS Alarm and experience top-notch protection for your home or business.