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Smoke Detector

Smoke Detector

We believe in going beyond traditional smoke sensors and furnishing advanced results that guard your home and bring you peace of mind.   

When we talk of fire safety, every alternate matters. Our smoke detectors are designed to sense smoke beforehand, waking you and your family to implicit troubles in real-time. Prevention is critical to guarding what matters most to you. It continuously scans the air for any signs of smoke, confirming you’re immediately notified of a fire emergency.   

Our devices boast cutting-edge features that separate them from the rest. With our connected smoke sensors, if one alarm is triggered, all the alarms in your home will simultaneously sound. Everyone in your household will be advised, giving you a quick chance to escape safely. Our smoke sensors also have long-lasting batteries, so you can rest cool-headed, knowing they will always be ready to cover you.   

Automatic Alerts
Instant Alert
Adaptable Places
Loud Alarm

Premium, immersive Key Features

smart connectivity

Smart Connectivity

Can be seamlessly integrated into your smart home system. It can communicate with other smart devices, like your smartphone or smart speakers, allowing you to get real-time cautions wherever you are.

Battery Backup

Comes with a built-in battery backup system. Indeed if the power goes out, you can trust that your smoke sensor will continue to serve, ensuring continued protection for you and your family.

Self-Testing And Monitoring

Features an automatic self-testing and monitoring function, giving you peace of mind knowing that your sensor is always in optimal working condition.

Status Alerts

Stay alert with smart status reminders. Receive alerts for sensor functionality, cleaning, or battery replacements.

Together, let us make a haven where safety and love intertwine

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Frequently Asked Questions

Replacing the batteries in your smoke sensor at least once is recommended. Still, checking the batteries regularly and replacing them as demanded is always a good practice.

Yes, the Smoke Detector is designed for easy installation. It has a complete user manual and mounting hardware, allowing you to install it without professional installation. But ensuring its proper working and maintenance, it is highly recommended to opt for professional installation.

Absolutely! The Smoke Sensor is compatible with the utmost smart home systems. You can fluently connect it to your system and get real-time cautions and announcements on your smartphone or other smart devices.  

The Smoke Sensor features a loud, attention-grabbing alarm reaching up to 85 decibels. It is designed to wake you up from deep sleep and alert everyone in the house in case of a fire emergency.