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Make Your Home Ready For The Snowy Season

Home Security In Snow Season

This snow season, adhere to the cold weather safety parameters for your home to enjoy the warmth and cosiness of love with your family. The winter season brings some moments of happiness and difficulties, too. As a homeowner, you should know everything you need to survey and rectify to make your home fully ready to embrace the falling snow this winter. There are various areas in your house that need your attention, and we will discuss all those aspects of the house that need to be foolproofed so that you can enjoy the snowy season with your family and loved ones.

As a security and home automation solution provider, we will guide you in taking protective care of your family and home with our advanced technology automation and security devices to provide cold weather safety. As the outside temperature drops, the need to safeguard your home rises, and we will discuss the measures you need to keep in mind while preparing your home for the winter season.

Sealing The Window And Door Gaps

An essential part of winter home protection is to seal the gaps in doors and windows. This could be done by caulking or expanding foam. There are many other ways to fill the gaps in windows and doors to ensure your home is adequately insulated. This sealing of gaps ensures that your home heating solutions use less energy to keep you warm as there is no heat escape from the home or entry of cold air from the outside.

You can solidify the winter home security of your doors and windows by installing our door and window sensors. Our experts will install these devices with extreme professionalism so that you get an alert on your phone if a door or window has been left open. You can immediately close the window or door to ensure proper insulation and heating of your home.

Stacking Essential Supplies

Make sure you have an adequate supply of all the essential supplies you will need in your house in case a snowstorm blocks your access to the supermarket or the outside world. For emergency purposes, pre-stack your house with essentials like batteries, non-perishable or long-lasting food items, water, warm clothes like blankets, and flashlights. For proper winter home protection, install our advanced home automation and security devices, which will provide 24×7 expert monitoring and alert the authorities in an emergency. Trust our trained professionals to prepare your home for the snow as they precisely install security devices for protection.

Time To Check Your Water Pipes

Water gets frozen in the pipes during the winter season, and the water in pipelines expands when the temperature drops below freezing point, causing pipes to burst. This is a serious issue that needs your attention, and you should make sure that all the water in unnecessary pipes and hoses is drained out to prevent freezing and bursting of pipes. Check your water pipes for cracks and leaks, and properly insulate them to make them winter-ready.

If you suspect a frozen pipe, shut the main supply of water and immediately call a plumber to fix the issue. If anything goes unnoticed, you can install our flood detectors to identify any leakages in your home. The advanced technology of these flood detectors examines changes in temperature, moisture, and humidity levels to determine the presence of water in your home. Get this smart home automation device to detect leaks from cracked or burst pipes.

Insulate Your Home Properly

The basic ideology to protect your home from snow is the heating. Ensure all your heating equipment works correctly and repair those needing technical help. Ensure that all your heating equipment operates at maximum efficiency to reduce power consumption expenditure, as heating equipment may consume more energy if your home is not insulated correctly. Get your home insulated according to your budgetary constraints, and make sure that your home is properly insulated. After you get your insulation done, get our smart thermostat. Our this home automation device will automatically learn your temperature preferences and adjust accordingly, saving you a lot of money on heating in the winter season and providing you with the best winter home security.

Survey Your Roof

You can install our outdoor cameras to keep an eye on your property. Other than keeping an eye on your property, you can also monitor the state of your roof and take the necessary steps to make it snow-ready. The changing state of the snow from crystals to liquid can create leakage problems, often leading to snow dams. Regular roof inspection will help you take preventive measures, which will be less costly than the expenses you may incur to repair the damages. Look for cracks, damage, leaking drainage systems, or deteriorating roof vents. Get your roof weather-proofed by an expert technician so that your home is properly insulated from the cold outside weather and there is no water leakage. Our outdoor cameras will help you make your roof better and more robust to sustain heavy snow loads this winter.


Preparing your home for the snow is essential to keep your loved ones safe and reduce the maintenance cost of your home. Opting for winter home security will save you a lot of money and effort that might be needed if you ignore the minor problems in the winter. Modern technology will also help you make your home snow-safe so you can enjoy this cold season with your family. Our security and home automation devices are the technological help you need this winter.

Direct Protection Security is an all-around home protection service provider to safeguard your house from snow. We have every home automation and security device that could fit your requirements, as we are the leading security solution provider in California. Be ready to enjoy the snow season as our experts provide top-notch installation and monitoring services so that you can enjoy every moment of warmth in the hands of your family. Contact us now and get your home ready for the snow season.

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