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How To Choose The Ideal Security System For Your Home And Business?

Security system is an essential component in terms of residential and commercial areas. You cannot imagine any place without proper security systems. After all, keeping your home, company and its employees safe is critical. Ideal Security system for homes and businesses range from do-it-yourself solutions to fully monitored systems. You may own a small business with a few employees, or you may manage a vast office park.

Whatever your situation, finding the ideal security system dealers is a must, but choosing it for your home can be difficult due to the large number of providers available in the market. There are various easy ways to secure your home from break-ins. To assist you pick the the right home automation system and business security system for you, we’ve put up a few considerations below:

01. Perform a security audit within your place

The first is to identify the best security solution for your place is to conduct a security audit. You may do this evaluation yourself or hire an independent expert or alarm security firm to do it for you.

A security audit should reveal what security equipment you require, where it should be installed, and where your building’s weak points are. These considerations are critical in selecting which type of security system to install.

If you decide to hire security provider, be sure to schedule a walkthrough:

  1. Check all the entrances and exits

  2. What the physical characteristics of your place are

  3. How employees gain entry to the facility, as well as the number of personnel

  4. Presence of any vulnerabilities

  5. What your operating hours are, and whether staff are on-site after regular business hours

Knowing these facts about your organization can assist an security company in providing you with the ideal security system and services for the best protection.

02. Look over the installation services

Home Audit With Security Dealers

Next, decide whether you will install a security system yourself or engage a security firm to do it. If you want to handle it yourself, it’s a manageable process that involves the study and a basic grasp of the system you’re installing.

Consider if you want the responsibility for security to rest with you or with specialists. It could be a good idea to choose a firm that will install and maintain your home security system (including any updates that need to happen over time).

03. Examine whether it can be customized and integrated

Because security requirements vary depending on various circumstances, it is critical to determine if the security system can be customized easily. Some security systems provide an open solution platform that may be customized to your needs following a security study.

Furthermore, forward-thinking companies need complete security solutions that may be connected with other current systems and fulfill numerous purposes. Advanced security systems go beyond alarms to include access control, parking management, and other services. They must also be simple to connect to other emergency response systems. Specially, if you’re business owner, installing integrated business security system benefits in providing the most secured environment. 

04. Choose video surveillance

You may own a small business with less client foot traffic. If this is the case, video surveillance may not be necessary. However, there are several reasons why a video surveillance system may be the best option for you.

Some advantages of a video surveillance system include:

  • Can prevent break-ins and crime by providing round-the-clock monitoring at your home.

  • For a business premises, it allows you to monitor products or assets that have been left unattended for an extended time. Can assist in resolving employee conflicts and preventing dishonest claims by workers or consumers.

  • Ensure that only workers and others with the proper access credentials enter your facility if a crime happens or products go missing by providing video evidence.

  • Can keep an eye on a cash register or other point-of-sale system

05. Determine whether you require an access control system

You may block access to different parts of your organization using an access control system. You may wish to restrict access to a stock room, office, safe, or other location where information or valuables are housed. You can regulate who has access to what portions of your organization using an access control system.

Video Surveillance Camera

06. Recognize System Features and Benefits

It is critical to use electronic security solutions that allow for real-time access from anywhere and at any time. Video footage and other data must be available from many security system sources to allow for fruitful analysis even in the long term.

Your ideal security systems will be one that allow you to see several places on a single screen. Based on your company requirements, the electronic security system you select should also be scalable and versatile.


The above highlighted factors will surely help you to find the ideal security systems for your homes. However, you can check us out for the ideal security systems. We as a top security system dealers in California have everything covered under one roof. So, before it’s late, contact us to protect your place like never before.

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Business Security Strategies To Keep Your People and Assets Safe

Protecting your businesses from several potential threats should always be a top priority for business owners. The repeated headlines about delivery driver murders, workplace robberies, and other similar crimes demonstrate, that there are numerous reasons to properly equip a business security system in your building for employees to handle any scary scenarios. By employing the security systems, you can assure a higher degree of safety at your business premises by being proactive about the security simultaneously. This will also avoid fraud, employee theft, and most critically, the possibility of violent crimes. Wondering what to do and what not for the business’s security? Here are strategies that can help you out. Keep reading!

Have a Reliable Data Backup System

A backup system is an approach that helps you save your assets so that you can restore them in the case of cybercrime. The system mends all necessary data instead of those that have been lost. It would help if you back up the company assets regularly to protect them. Fortunately, most backup solutions are inexpensive.

You may use internal as well as external portable storage devices. External backup systems will keep your digital assets safe and secure offsite.

You may also utilize the cloud storage solution to back up your data. Cloud computing allows you to store as much data as you want. When uploading your materials to the cloud, make sure they’re adequately encrypted, as this raises their degree of security.

Keep your storage devices and service networks safe

To grant access to your digital assets, your devices and service network collaborate. Anyone with access to them may unintentionally acquire your saved data. To protect your assets, ensure the machines that store them are adequately secured, with the network service that allows them to be accessed.

One method to accomplish this is to keep your operating system and security software continually and automatically updated. Outdated operating systems expose your assets to attackers because they may be unable to identify new infections and threats. Upgrading them aids the system in detecting and correcting security weaknesses and dangers before they cause havoc.

Alarm Triggers

If your alarm system is activated, a qualified security specialist will respond to your location. Although your alarm system might have been activated for a variety of reasons, not all of which result in criminal behavior, it saves you or an employee from having to attend a potentially dangerous scenario.

Safe Business Networks

Video Monitoring

24/7 video surveillance serves several functions in your company’s security system.It can serve as a deterrent, inhibiting theft before it occurs. In the case of a crime, video footage can be used to identify suspects and offer evidence in an insurance claim. Furthermore, most security cameras are mobile-enabled and may be accessed from a phone or computer outside of the company. Security cameras can be deployed as a single unit in a problem area or as a networked system for a comprehensive view of the entire enterprise.

Detection of Intruders

In the case of an incident on the business’s premises, an intrusion detection system will raise an alert. Whether it’s shattered glass during a forced entrance, a carbon monoxide detector going off, or a smoke and heat detector going off, this measure assists in alerting local security agencies. These gadgets also serve as efficient deterrents in the case of a burglary. In fact, a study of burglary tendencies indicated that 60% of thieves would seek out another business if they detected an alarm at their first target.

Inform Your Employee About Security Procedures

Your workers and certain employees who work offsite will have access to some of your corporate assets. To avoid data and access mismanagement, you should educate them on the security procedures they should always follow when interacting with your systems. It’s a good idea to educate them on the proper location of devices and how to manage any gadget that holds corporate assets.

Furthermore, they should exercise caution when dealing with public Wi-Fi to avoid unauthorized access to the business’s systems. Employees who have left your organization should no longer be able to access your digital assets as part of your security policies. Also, it would be beneficial if you implemented policies to help your employees understand what is acceptable and unacceptable while engaging with the firm’s assets.

Business Security Discussion


Utilizing all the above strategies can guarantee that your valuables are well-protected. You just need to check what goes well with your business. However, if you are looking to install a security system at your business premises, Direct Protection Security is the ideal option  in for you. Contact us for the best offers and deals on security systems and get the most out of it.

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Top 5 Benefits Of Installing Integrated Business Security System

Business security system integration is an essential need for all businesses across the globe. But still, many business owners do not take the type of arrangement they possess and how it protects them seriously. With the increased information phishing and thefts in California, it is more important than ever to have anything to secure your business based on the firm’s demands. It can be challenging to approach different security platforms and choose the right alarm system or camera; this is where integrated Business security systems come in. Custom integration security combines all major wireless alarm system components in one place.

What Does an Integrated Security System Mean?

Instead of opting for a varied range of security systems, an integrated system amalgamates all areas of security your business needs in one place. It is like a multidisciplinary layer of firewall that secures your business. Some businesses confront physical risks such as theft and break-ins. Others must cope with cyber hazards by hackers seeking sensitive data to target on the web. Splitting security duties among numerous parties or just remaining with old technologies for an extended period of time can cause significant issues for modern enterprises. Integrated solutions offer user-friendly and adaptable hubs. Still not convinced? Read on to find out the five most essential benefits an integrated security system can bring to your life:

  • Security for a Centralized Network

  • Improving Safety and Productivity

  • Defend Against False Claims

  • Flexible Integrated Alarm Services that are Simple to Use

Integrated Business Security System

01. Security for a Centralized Network

The systems integration company may obviously improve business management efficiency, but many people are unaware that it can also improve productivity in other areas. The most recent integrated business security system can also combine with the property’s automation and Internet technologies to help manage other business elements. For example, you may link an intelligent sensor to the policy to make better use of your company’s lighting system. The lights might be set up to behave differently throughout the day or in reaction to particular circumstances. It might also identify an intrusion if the windows and doors and doors are forced open and can have an alarm to shut them.

02. Improving Safety and Productivity​

Your company should not wait for the consequences of a breach of security to manifest before taking action. With the stroke of a button, an integrated security system provides real-time monitoring, allowing your workers to expedite their work processes and check on numerous parts of your company. In several ways, safety may be increased with a wireless business alarm. Surveillance cameras for company security integration might be among the most effective crime deterrents. An integrated security system may be an efficient way to keep criminals out of the premises, making it a safer place to work for your workers.

03. Defend Against False Claims

A firm becoming the target of a fraudulent allegation is probably something most people have heard about at least once. In most situations, the consumer finds their data has been phished; in other circumstances, it might just be a case of aggressive teenage hackers trying their ways at cyber theft. In any case, fraudulent allegations may be detrimental to a firm’s reputation and hard to shrug off. This is where integrated security technologies come into the picture. With the advent of this facility, you are far more likely to get the proof you need to fight through false allegations of all kinds.

04. Flexible Integrated Alarm Services that are Simple to Use

You may have often found yourself in a dilemma with the buffet of security services offered. Determining which service suits your business the most is exhausting and time-consuming. An integrated business system’s primary advantage is that it gives you all services in one place and can be highly customized. You won’t have to adjust your security needs based on the services offered, but you can customize an integrated alarm service. A customizable wireless alarm system for business allows you to link a variety of various sensors and devices to the system. Instead of committing resources to resolve typical security concerns, an integrated system enables businesses to handle issues instantly and prevent them from repeating.

Eliminating False Alarms

05. The Financial Advantages of Security System Integration

The only thing as necessary as managing security is managing finances. An integrated system might save you money by boosting your overall safety. In addition, your collaborative solutions might eventually automate the majority of your enterprise’s security. This would enable you to resolve issues swiftly and effectively, with simple coordination and streamlined personnel processes. Most businesses that engage in business security system integration discover that the total savings outweigh the initial expenditures.


Security systems are a game changer regarding the safety of businesses. Your firm benefits from better security that is easier to administer, and the systems may be tailored to the company’s unique requirements. The facilities and services are worth every penny you pay. Additionally, system integration may save you money over time, so it is a long-term investment that will pay for itself. In today’s world, when cyber threats and fraud are on the rise, it is critical to establish high-quality security measures. Direct Protection Security is one of the leading security system dealers in California, catering to your security requirements.