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Why You Need a Video Doorbell for Your Home

Smart Video Doorbells have recently gained immense demand. According to a recent survey, approximately 22 million US households choose video doorbells in the first quarter of 2020. But will video doorbells soon replace security cameras? What features make these smart video doorbells reliable?

Home doorbell cameras are small-sized devices that can replace the usual ones. While they have an internal alarm to notify you about the arrival of visitors, they are also equipped with audio-video recording and internet connectivity. Additionally, these bells are integrated with an app for easy operation and can be connected to the cloud for storing the data.

Still not convinced about opting for this enthralling innovation? Please keep reading to know a few of its fascinating merits.

01. Protect Your Home and Prevent Crime

A video doorbell notifies you about the visitor at your door, whether you are in the kitchen, at the grocery shop, or on a vacation. You can have both-way conversations with the visitor using the app through the video doorbell.

In addition, you don’t need to tell anyone when you aren’t home. This reduces the possibility of your home becoming the next target of burglars.

Besides, you don’t need to stay at home for an important delivery; when the delivery arrives, you can tell the person where to leave the package or ask a neighbor to pick it up.

02. High-Quality Video Monitoring

Video doorbells can be of great significance in monitoring your property. The live footage can be seen on the phone. The doorbell has an obvious camera that captures clear images even in dim lights.

If you miss a visitor’s call, the video doorbell will take a picture of them and record the date and time of the visit. This function helps maintain a detailed log of people who stop by your door.

03. A Sound Evidence

If a least expected unfortunate event occurs, smart video doorbells can provide the footage, which can be proved as evidence of great significance. The recording can be used for investigation as well as for getting an insurance claim.

Another critical issue that can be settled using this device revolves around deliveries. Have you ever been through a situation where the delivery service claimed the arrival of a specific package that never really arrived? With a doorbell camera, such disputes can be effortlessly solved. The parcel left outside the door can also be remotely monitored using your smartphone till you arrive and get the package.

04. Prevents Unnecessary Botherings

Sometimes you need an undisturbed afternoon book reading, and then all the unsolicited visitors arrive out of the blue. Sounds familiar? With a smart video doorbell, you receive an instant alert about any motion detected on your door; seeing the visitor on-screen saves you from personally opening the door while ensuring that you don’t miss any familiar visitor.

Woman Monitoring Video Doorbell

05. Discourages Perpetrators

A video doorbell can be an essential deterrent when a possible intruder approaches your door. Unfortunately, Bulgars typically aim for easy prey, and there are high chances they may not create any nuisance.

06. Can Be Connected To The Existing Security System

A smart doorbell is an ideal solution to the need for surveillance on the front door. However, it can be connected to other security cameras establishing a security network for your place. Fortunately, several doorbells can work in accordance with other cameras.

07. Attracts Potential Buyers

Real estate experts opine buyers prefer house options with security features and surveillance. Therefore, installing a video doorbell will enhance safety and increase its value.

08. Monitoring Your Kids

Leaving children behind can be daunting, whether with a babysitter or on their own. Unfortunately, there are many instances of child abuse by babysitters. Besides, it is hard to believe your teenagers no matter how strongly they assure you about being in the proper association. Monitoring video footage through the app helps ensure your child’s safety with the babysitter and proves their decent conduct in your absence.

Hearing their voice and talking to them by using two-way doorbell audio can be relieving when you are away. Additionally, you can monitor the live feed to ensure there is no suspicious person near your child when he’s unattended.

Child Monitoring

09. Helps Lowering Insurance Bill

Insurers have recently started offering discounts to owners who install intelligent security systems. According to a recent study, 4 out of 10 insurance providers have joined hands with security device manufacturers. In short, installing a video doorbell camera provides an extra layer of security and helps save on insurance bills.


Wireless smart doorbells are exceptionally capable of safeguarding houses. Although they are unnoticeable, they provide excellent operability. However, with the changing times, people are mostly away from home for work, making empty homes an easy target for miscreants. With a vision of providing expert security solutions, Direct Protection Security is a leading security provider in home automation in California. Its dedication to trustworthy service has earned a different name among security dealers and providers.

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9 Easy Ways to Secure Your Home From Break-Ins

Shifting into a new home can be exciting, but putting a home security system in place and starting up with security systems and devices can be intimidating. However, securing your home should be a top priority since a burglary occurs every minute. And keeping your family and property safe should be a primary focus. Fortunately, by installing a home security system you can strengthen your home’s security and stop break-ins.

Here are nine simple ways to secure your home from burglaries and break-ins:

01. Lock the doors

With the rise in domestic thefts and burglaries, double-checking your home’s locks before leaving is now more critical than ever. You must secure the hinges on the doors and windows and change the locks on a regular basis. You may no longer leave your home keys beneath the mat or in a flower pot when you go out. You must install anti-theft alarms or locks on all entryways to your home. Make it a practice to close the garage door every time you enter or leave the house. Consider acquiring an automated garage door opener or selecting an intelligent garage door if you usually overlook this.

02. Light up the yard

You may have heard that the majority of burglaries occur at night. If a criminal tries to break into your home, he will not want to be in the spotlight; this works in our favor when we place lights in the yard. Install motion sensor lights in the driveway or near the garden gnome to frighten off intruders as soon as they approach your yard. When installing security lights, you may wish to consider the following tips:

  • Choose motion-detecting lights

  • Make use of a night patrol light

03. Get A Safe

If, despite these precautions, you still experience a break-in, secure your things by installing a locker. A safe will serve as your last defense against stealing your valuables. A vault adds an extra layer of protection and can be outfitted with several locks. When looking for a safe, keep the following things in mind:

  • First, opt for vaults that have multiple locks.

  • Choose the appropriate safe size.

  • Finally, do not keep birthdays or easily decipherable information as a passcode.

Home Security Safe

04. Invest In Security systems

There was a period when security cameras were standard and successful in deterring burglars due to the fear of being detected. However, in the gen z period, the cameras will be stolen along with the goods. Modern challenges necessitate modern solutions. Thus you should invest in security systems. With the introduction of home security systems, you can now watch real-time activity and set alarms to inform you in the event of suspicious activities. A home security alarm system will be your knight in shining armor and help you achieve 100% security.

05. Peephole to the Rescue

Some bold criminals may knock on your front door to see if anybody is home, and if you open it, they will try to lure you inside by offering you a product or a fascinating narrative. An easy and affordable solution to prevent questionable people is to put a keyhole at eye level on your front door or to install a doorbell camera. In addition, it is critical to inform and educate your children about neighborhood crimes so that the next time someone comes on the door imitating the delivery guy, your child knows better than to answer the door.

06. Mailbox security

Keeping your delivered gifts safe from yard thieves entails safeguarding your front porch as part of your home security system. Every year, billions of items are sent in the United States alone, particularly during the Christmas season, and many of those purchased products remain unattended for hours, luring burglars. With doorstep piracy on the rise, you may protect your belongings by purchasing a patio lockbox or a postal sensor, a little gadget that connects to your mailbox and alerts you when it is accessed. You might even need an identification upon delivery to avoid leaving your products unattended until you come home.

07. Replace locks and doors

If your door isn’t sturdy enough, you might face a break-in. One of the most typical methods robbers break into a house is to break through the door. Install doors with sturdy material, so thieves don’t stand a chance. Install hinges and screws and secure proof the windows and garage doors too.

Manual Locking Door

08. Home Automation

Home automation can be costly and vulnerable to theft, but adding a few low-cost, security-enhancing smart-home technologies is still a good idea. For example, you may put intelligent light bulbs in porch lights and program them to turn on automatically at night. You may also consider installing smart door locks, which open and shut the door remotely and authorize entry to a guest or maid.

09. Secure Windows

Burglars typically seek easy targets, and an unlocked window is just that. So even while you’re at home, it’s a great way to keep them protected. Also, double-check the doors and the first windows to verify they’re all secured before leaving the property. Finally, install window stops on your double-hung windows to prevent burglars from breaking.


Nobody wants to be the one facing a house burglary. Implementing the guidelines on this checklist can deter and prevent criminals while keeping your family and property safe. Once you’ve completed a few items on this list, you can go to the next item on the checklist. Every minor modification will make your house and loved ones feel safer. Direct Protection Security is your go-to company when hiring someone to secure your homes or getting home security systems. Our one-of-a-kind company ensures that home safety is prioritized and your demands are met without any loopholes for any breach of security.