Home Security System

Checklist To Maintain Your Home Security System

Your home is the biggest asset, and you must do everything to keep it safe and sound. Whether you’re moving into a new house or planning to upgrade the home security system of your current premises –caution and safety are pivotal.

According to a report, out of 56% of reported crimes in California, 26% were robberies. Scary indeed!

So pull your socks up and know how to secure your home and your family’s privacy – by ensuring your security system performs to its optimum level, has no breakdowns, and is in tip-top condition.

Checklist For The Home Security System

01. Weekly Checks

One of the best ways to ensure your home security system is kept in the best condition is by ensuring weekly checks.

What to check every week?

Check batteries

Make sure the batteries of your home security system are kept up to date. Many security systems consume a lot of energy. And checking them weekly will tell you about their energy consumption and ensure your batteries are well-recharged and they don’t fail to secure your home.

Clean devices

Dust accumulated on your security system can hamper the delicate inner workings of your system. Don’t let the dust bunnies and cobwebs interfere with your home safety. Ensure you wipe away the dust and clean your house security system weekly.

Also, clean off the dust and smudges from your camera lenses for a clear view.

02. Monthly Checks

These are the monthly checks for your home security system.

What to check every month?

Updating the app

Hackers are really smart – and before you even know anything, they will create such technical loopholes that will be hard for you to detect. Keep your home security app updated and free from glitches to save yourself from mishaps.

Run a self-diagnostic on the control panel

Run a self-diagnostic check on the control panel monthly to work out defects and bugs. You can also install home security systems from ADT-authorized dealers in California and let professionals take care of these without hassle.

Home Security App Update

Check the status of your property security system

If your house security system has test buttons, ensure they function properly. Also, you can run a status check on your device, and you need to talk to your security company.

Check fire detectors

Go around the house and take your time to test if the fire alarms are working correctly. If you have smart smoke detectors installed on your property, don’t forget to check them using various apps

03. Six-Months Check

This checklist is very crucial. It includes some things we don’t even think about after installing a home security system – but checking once every six months is necessary.

What to check on a half-yearly basis?


Typically people don’t give much thought to sensors until they start malfunctioning. Here are a few points that you must bear in mind while running a check on the sensors

i. Make sure they are firmly attached to doors, windows, and walls

ii. It is not affected by humidity

iii. Do some movement to ensure the sensor is working. If not, it’s time to change their battery.

Ditch these tensions, and install home security sensors from ADT-authorized dealers in California. They strategically install sensors around your home and ensure they perform at their best with periodic checks and tests.

Perimeter Check

As the season changes, a lot can happen to your outdoor space. And to keep yourself safe from such mishaps, check the outdoor security devices at an interval every six months.

Tweak the activity zone and privacy zone settings. Set the camera so they can capture the whole area and detect any movement.

04. Annual Checks

Replacing Security Camera Battery

Yearly there are a few maintenance tasks that you must take care of. Though it may seem challenging at first, it is worth the effort.

Vulnerability audit

Go around your home and check your security system, and then assess whether your security system is missing anything or if you need anything for your security system.

Warranty/Contract Checkup

Check your security system’s warranty and contract at least once a year. Do the necessary upgrades.


Your property is your safety adobe, and your responsibility is to ensure it is safe and secure. Follow this checklist to keep your home security system up and running without any discrepancies.

If you want to be extra cautious and secure about the safety of your home, install a home security system from ADT-authorized dealers in California. Having said that, Direct Protection Security is one of their most prominent dealers, providing the best and most affordable home security system to thousands of residential and commercial clients. Their technologically advanced system, backed by quality and commitment, sets them apart from others in the market. What are you waiting for? Contact us to install a reliable security system today!

Business Security System

Business Security Strategies To Keep Your People And Assets Safe

Protecting your businesses from several potential threats should always be a top priority for business owners. The repeated headlines about delivery driver murders, workplace robberies, and similar crimes demonstrate numerous reasons to properly equip a business security system in your building for employees to handle any scary scenarios. By employing security systems, you can assure safety at your business premises by being proactive about security simultaneously. This will also avoid fraud, employee theft, and, most critically, the possibility of violent crimes. Wondering what to do and what not for the business’s security?

Here are strategies that can help you out. Keep reading!

Have a Reliable Data Backup System

A backup system is an approach that helps you save your assets to restore them in the case of cybercrime. The system mends all necessary data instead of those that have been lost. It would help to back up the company assets regularly to protect them. Fortunately, most backup solutions are inexpensive.

You may use internal as well as external portable storage devices. External backup systems will keep your digital assets safe and secure offsite.

You may also utilize the cloud storage solution to back up your data. Cloud computing allows you to store as much data as you want. When uploading your materials to the cloud, ensure they’re adequately encrypted, as this raises their degree of security.

Keep your storage devices and service networks safe
To grant access to your digital assets, your devices, and service network collaborate. Anyone with access to them may unintentionally acquire your saved data. To protect your assets, ensure the machines that store them are adequately secured, with the network service that allows access.

One method to accomplish this is to keep your operating system and security software continually and automatically updated. Outdated operating systems expose your assets to attackers because they may be unable to identify new infections and threats. Upgrading them aids the system in detecting and correcting security weaknesses and dangers before they cause havoc.

Alarm Triggers

A qualified security specialist will respond to your location if your alarm system is activated. Although your alarm system might have been activated for various reasons, not all of which result in criminal behavior, it saves you or an employee from having to attend to a potentially dangerous scenario.

Video Monitoring

24/7 video surveillance serves several functions in your company’s security system. It can serve as a deterrent, inhibiting theft before it occurs. In the case of a crime, video footage can be used to identify suspects and offer evidence in an insurance claim. Furthermore, most security cameras are mobile-enabled and may be accessed from a phone or computer outside the company. Security cameras can be deployed as a single unit in a problem area or as a networked system for a comprehensive view of the entire enterprise.

Detection of Intruders

In the case of an incident on the business’s premises, an intrusion detection system will raise an alert. Whether it’s shattered glass during a forced entrance, a carbon monoxide detector going off, or a smoke and heat detector going off, this measure assists in alerting local security agencies. These gadgets also serve as efficient deterrents in the case of burglary. A study of burglary tendencies indicated that 60% of thieves would seek out another business if they detected an alarm at their first target.

Inform Your Employee About Security Procedures

Your workers and certain employees who work offsite will have access to some of your corporate assets. To avoid data and access mismanagement, you should educate them on the security procedures they should always follow when interacting with your systems. It’s a good idea to educate them on the proper location of devices and how to manage any gadget that holds corporate assets.

Furthermore, they should exercise caution when dealing with public Wi-Fi to avoid unauthorized access to the business’s systems. Employees who have left your organization should no longer be able to access your digital assets as part of your security policies. Also, it would be beneficial if you implemented policies to help your employees understand what is acceptable and unacceptable while engaging with the firm’s assets.


Utilizing all the above strategies can guarantee that your valuables are well-protected. You need to check what is going well with your business. However, if you want to install a security system at your business premises, Direct Protection Security is the ideal option. Contact us for the best offers and deals on security systems and get the most out of it.

Home Security

9 Easy Ways To Secure Your Home From Break-Ins

Shifting into a new home can be exciting, but putting a home security system in place and starting up with security systems and devices can be intimidating. However, securing your home should be a top priority since a burglary occurs every minute. And keeping your family and property safe should be a primary focus. Fortunately, by installing a home security system, you can strengthen your home’s security and stop break-ins.

Here are nine simple ways to secure your home from burglaries and break-ins:

1. Lock the doors

With the rise in domestic thefts and burglaries, double-checking your home’s locks before leaving is now more critical than ever. You must secure the hinges on the doors and windows and change the locks regularly. You may no longer leave your home keys beneath the mat or in a flower pot when you go out. You must install anti-theft alarms or locks on all entryways to your home. Make it a practice to close the garage door every time you enter or leave the house. Consider acquiring an automated garage door opener or selecting an intelligent garage door if you usually overlook this.

2. Light up the yard

You may have heard that the majority of burglaries occur at night. If a criminal tries to break into your home, he will not want to be in the spotlight; this works in our favor when we place lights in the yard. Install motion sensor lights in the driveway or near the garden gnome to frighten intruders as soon as they approach your yard. When installing security lights, you may wish to consider the following tips:

3. Get A Safe

If, despite these precautions, you still experience a break-in, secure your things by installing a locker. A safe will serve as your last defense against stealing your valuables. A vault adds an extra layer of protection and can be outfitted with several locks. When looking for a safe, keep the following things in mind:

4. Invest In Security systems

There was a period when security cameras were standard and successful in deterring burglars due to the fear of being detected. However, in the gen z period, the cameras will be stolen along with the goods. Modern challenges necessitate modern solutions. Thus you should invest in security systems. With the introduction of home security systems, you can now watch real-time activity and set alarms to inform you of suspicious activities. A home security alarm system will be your knight in shining armor and help you achieve 100% security.

5. Peephole to the Rescue

Some bold criminals may knock on your front door to see if anybody is home, and if you open it, they will try to lure you inside by offering you a product or a fascinating narrative. An easy and affordable solution to prevent questionable people is to put a keyhole at eye level on your front door or to install a doorbell camera. In addition, it is critical to inform and educate your children about neighborhood crimes so that the next time someone comes on the door imitating the delivery guy, your child knows better than to answer the door.

6. Mailbox security

Keeping your delivered gifts safe from yard thieves entails safeguarding your front porch as part of your home security system. Every year, billions of items are sent in the United States alone, particularly during the Christmas season, and many of those purchased products remain unattended for hours, luring burglars. With doorstep piracy on the rise, you may protect your belongings by purchasing a patio lockbox or a postal sensor, a little gadget that connects to your mailbox and alerts you when it is accessed. You might even need identification upon delivery to avoid leaving your products unattended until you arrive home.

7. Replace locks and doors

If your door isn’t sturdy enough, you might face a break-in. One of the most typical ways robbers break into a house is to break through the door. Install doors with sturdy material so thieves don’t stand a chance. Install hinges and screws and secure-proof the windows and garage doors too.

8. Home Automation

Home automation can be costly and vulnerable to theft, but adding a few low-cost, security-enhancing smart-home technologies is still a good idea. For example, you may put intelligent light bulbs in porch lights and program them to turn on automatically at night. You may also consider installing smart door locks, which open and shut the door remotely and authorize entry to a guest or maid.

9. Secure Windows

Burglars typically seek easy targets, and an unlocked window is just that. So even while you’re at home, it’s a great way to protect them. Also, double-check the doors and the first windows to verify they’re all secured before leaving the property. Finally, install window stops on your double-hung windows to prevent burglars from breaking.


Nobody wants to be the one facing a house burglary. Implementing the guidelines on this checklist can deter and prevent criminals while keeping your family and property safe. Once you’ve completed a few items on this list, you can go to the next item on the checklist. Every minor modification will make your house and loved ones feel safer. Direct Protection Security is your go-to company when hiring someone to secure your homes or get home security systems. Our one-of-a-kind company ensures that home safety is prioritized and your demands are met without any loopholes for any breach of security.