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Tips and Tricks To Protect Your Home While On Vacation

Going on vacation is a thrilling experience. Can you be sure that you have taken adequate precautions to protect your house while you are gone out? Installing a few extra security measures like window and door sensors, security systems, and much more, while your property is unoccupied will provide you with additional peace of mind and allow you to enjoy your long-awaited vacation thoroughly. Here is a list to help you prepare your home for safety before leaving town and fully relax while you’re gone. Let’s begin!

Following are some tips and tricks to protect your home while on a vacation:

01. Invest in a home security system

Investing in a home security system with sensors is the first line of defense against burglary. Self-monitoring devices are available, but they’re useless if you’re traveling outside the nation or to an area with spotty data network connectivity. When you have a monitored home security system, the alarm provider will notify the police on your behalf if there is a breach in the system and will be beneficial to protect your home and assets in your absence.

02. Ensure environmental sensors

The majority of today’s home security systems can keep an eye on who enters your house and potentially harmful external variables. Faulty pipes or appliances can be detected by detecting variations in air moisture levels. Alarms for fires and hazardous gasses are now included in many security systems, or at the very least work in conjunction with them.

03. Install Video doorbells

You may a question in your mind, “what are the benefits of installing smart doorbells?” With these, you can now answer to anyone at your door from any location. There is an alert for each doorbell ringing, so you can see and talk to the visitor in real time. You may still access a log of video clips even if you lose phone coverage on the beach or when hacking off the bush. Smart doorbells, for example, contain motion sensors, so you’ll still get an alert even if the individual doesn’t ring the bell. They’re an excellent tool for detecting package thieves and spreading information across the community.

04. Get a Smart thermostat

When you’re away, you don’t want to completely turn off your air conditioning or heating, but you also do not want to leave your house in an uncomfortably warm or chilly state. Set your thermostat four degrees above or below your usual setting while away. Your pipes won’t freeze if this temperature doesn’t go below 50 degrees in the winter. If you have a programmable thermostat, you can program it to restore your home to a pleasant temperature when you return.

Install Smart Video Doorbell

05. Keep a secret

Keeping a secret about your vacation plan will surely help to protect your home from getting noticed by burglars. Ensure that your phone, email, and social media accounts are absent of any messages suggesting you’ll be away. Do not reveal the precise dates of your departure if you can’t resist, but make sure your pals only see your posts. Your phone message or answering machine message should remain the same, but make your personal or professional email’s auto-reply message more unclear.

06. Install security lights outside your home

Burglars like to enter dark, out-of-the-way places where their neighbors can’t see them. If you reside in a place prone to break-ins, such as the rear or sides of your property, adding external security lights will help highlight these potential hiding places and will protect your home from burglaries. There is no need to stay worried about wasting electricity because most models are either motion actuated or only turn on at night.

07. Smart lock on your front entrance

Using an intelligent door lock, you can open your door using your smartphone and allow temporary access to visitors using expiring codes. If you have a neighbor or a pet sitter coming to take care of the pets, you can keep a record and check exactly who enters and exits your home and revoke access while you are away. There are various other things to know about smart door locks

08. Unplug unnecessary gadgets

Unplugging non-essential equipment such as televisions, laptops, coffee makers, fans, and lights will lower the danger of a fire while also saving you money. The power consumed by plugged-in gadgets when they are not in use, also known as phantom or standby power, accounts for 5-10% of domestic energy consumption and costs each household roughly $100 per year. Unplugging gadgets also protects them against electrical surges, which can cause expensive equipment to short out or cause fires.

Smart Door Lock

09. Lock everything up

It’s easy to overlook this stage. However, it is a must to check all the doors and windows of the homes are closed and secured before you leave. If you’re using timers to imitate human activity, make sure that light can get through to the streets.


So, get ready to secure your homes with these fantastic tips. You can also seek home automation services in California to install all the security equipment within your homes. We offer the same and provide immediate security solutions. Contact us today!

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How Door and Window Sensors Can Protect You From Break-Ins?

Secured doors and windows are the first line of defence against house invasions. Whether crooks kick a door in, discover a secret key, or leave it unlocked, about one-third of all burglaries begin with someone boldly entering a property through the front door. Here is when window and door sensors are an excellent way to protect your property. They are reasonably inexpensive and straightforward to install.

Nonetheless, they prevent anyone from entering your premises without your knowledge. But how do they work, and can you use them on your sliding glass patio door? We have all the answers, so keep reading.

How Do Door And Window Sensors Function?

In simple terms, door sensors alert you when a door is opened. The contact sensor, which employs a magnet to operate a circuit that triggers an alert or alarm, is the most prevalent type of door sensor. However, a second type includes pressing a switch for the same primary purpose. They detect the motion and notify the owner about the same.

Top Benefits Of Installing Door And Window Sensors

01. Keep criminals out

When you install and activate window and door sensors as home automation in California, your home security system will notify you whenever the sensors are triggered. They will be able to contact authorities and check in on you through a phone call to assure your safety. And also this can benefit in calling out the cops within time in order to prevent the crime at the stop.

02. Keep In Touch With Loved Ones

Window and door sensors are frequently installed to keep nasty individuals out. But, they can also be used to keep good ones in. If you have children that enjoy nothing more than opening the door and exploring the outdoors without informing you. You can configure your system to tell you whenever the doors and windows are opened. Furthermore, if you have senior citizens living with you, who have a propensity to leave the house without alerting anybody. With these sensors, you can stay on top of things while also ensuring their safety.

03. Mind Relaxation

When you know you’ve done everything possible to defend your house, including monitoring any potential entry points, you’ll have the peace of mind from knowing your family and property are safe.

Door Alarms

04. Additional Deterrent

A loud alarm will sound if your home security system is activated and someone tries to force their way in through the windows or doors. This will not only prevent thieves who do not want to draw attention to themselves but will also notify you and your family that a break-in attempt is underway.

Applications of Doors and Window Sensors

Many homeowners use door sensors to protect their entrances, but sensors can also be used on other doors. They are so adaptable that they are quickly becoming one of the most common activity triggers in smart home design. In reality, wireless door sensors can be used for more than only monitoring entrance points:

  • To keep children away from a medicine cabinet

  • To keep late-night snackers away from the kitchen

  • To activate smart lighting

  • As part of your smart speaker’s routine

  • When a door opens, turn on the lights

Modern motion sensor indoors


There is no doubt that window and door sensors are essential to look out for the best security of homes and businesses. Direct Protection Security is the best security system dealer in California to help you to get the best range of home sensors and customized security systems. We offer the best security systems that suit your safety needs to the peak. Contact with our experts today and safeguard your premises now!

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What are the Benefits of Installing Smart Doorbells?

Technology in today’s society makes our daily lives easier and safer. Everyone is concerned about safety, yet not everyone takes the most extraordinary precautions. Our homes can now be safer than ever, thanks to smart doorbells. When someone enters the range of a smart doorbell, it broadcasts live video signals and records high-definition footage.

Some smart video doorbells include built-in microphones and speakers to aid in two-way communication. Installing these devices in your home doors can help you in various ways. Smart video doorbells allow you to watch what’s going on at your front door around the clock and receive a live video feed on your phone. Video doorbells have become a must-have item in today’s houses. Learn more about intelligent doorbells’ benefits by reading our blog.

Benefits of Smart Doorbells For Your Places

01. Interact With Visitors

A smart doorbell camera allows you to communicate with guests in real-time without having to open the door for them. You may also leave an auto-response if you are too busy working upstairs or in the kitchen or if you are currently outside your house. You may play a pre-recorded voice message with the smart doorbell camera.

02. Exceptional Night Vision

It may be challenging for you to identify the person standing at your door late at night. However, for security reasons, you must have a clear glimpse of the individual before allowing them to enter. The doorbell camera features night vision technology, enabling you to see clearly before opening the door. When it gets dark, an infrared light sensor activates the night vision automatically.

03. Theft-Resistant Lock

We appreciate your concern that a burglar would take the smart doorbell camera. In India, leaving something expensive outside your home invites a robber. The DFS doorbell camera, on the other hand, includes Anti-Theft Lock technology. It may only be removed from your home’s wall by you.

04. Keeping opportunistic thieves at bay

The burglar knocks on your home and pretends to be a respectable caller, such as a salesperson or canvasser. It’s one of the most known ways of stealing. If you don’t open the door, they know you’re not home and will feel much more comfortable breaking in. A visible camera on your doorbell provides excellent security against such attempts, as would-be burglars are aware that they have been captured on film.

Woman Checking Intruder On Smart Doorbell

05. Provide Proof Against the culprits

In the event of a burglary, a wireless smart doorbell can give video proof. It may be enough to assist the authorities in apprehending the criminal and recovering your goods before they are sold. Even if that isn’t possible, having video evidence may be enough for your insurance to approve your claim and pay you faster. Therefore having home automation with smart doorbells is a must.

06. Keeping a check on children

Leaving your children at home, whether with a babysitter or on their own, may be difficult. It might be challenging to be specific, no matter how loudly they scream that they did not bring their boyfriend or girlfriend over while you were gone. Reviewing video footage on your electronic device using our app will allow you to choose whether you need to speak out or whether your child or babysitter warrants your trust.

07. Recognizing the arrival of a shipment

We are in the technology era where we get more deliveries than ever before in the online shipping era. People are not only purchasing more online, but they also want it to arrive at their door on the day and time specified on the website. However, robbers may take goods from your porch at any time of year, even during the Christmas season. A smart doorbell provides added security by recording intruders attempting to take your item. So you’ll know when the delivery guy arrives and can keep an eye on it.

08. Knowing who is at your door

Unexpected visitors are sure to knock on your door, but with smart doorbells, you can check who is there. Whether you’re binge-watching your favorite program and don’t want to get up from the sofa to see who’s at the door, or you’re at work 20 miles away, the smart doorbell lets you know who’s there and what they’re doing. Your smart doorbell will provide you with peace of mind by providing a live feed of who is outside your door to your phone.

Delivery man pressing smart doorbell


Smart doorbells are now among the most often installed smart home devices. There are several pros of using a smart doorbell to help secure your house. Install a smart doorbell to make your house even more secure. We are concerned about the protection of your home and family. We as top security system dealers in California strive to deliver outstanding service by employing highly qualified security professionals for each industry, adjusting to any security problems that may develop, and safeguarding our clients’ assets. Contact us to know more about our products and packages.

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Things to Look for Before Buying an Indoor Camera

Video monitoring is the most crucial aspect of every security system. And in California, buying the right camera can make all the difference when it comes to your home security. You need to know the right choices available out there in order to equip your home automation system fully. But why do indoor cameras need to be installed in our home security systems? Security cameras are considered the most reliable and safe tools in the security industry. They can single-handedly increase the level of your security. This makes sure that even when you are away, you can always keep an eye on your house. They provide the necessary evidence to identify and catch the culprits. In addition, a wide variety of indoor cameras are available, depending upon the customer’s needs. Therefore, knowing what to buy from your ADT dealer will help you save a lot of time.

Listed below are the things you need to know before buying an indoor security camera.

01. Quality and Resolution

Since you have decided to install indoor cameras in your security systems, it is crucial to detect their quality. It is not advised to install low-quality indoor cameras, as they will capture the footage but won’t help identify the culprit. What good will come if you know the robbery has occurred but cannot identify the burglar?

High-end home automation devices will always assure your safety. Indoor camera with a resolution of 1080p or higher are recommended in home security systems. Lower than that, and it will evidently compromise your home security. Another point to keep in mind is to go for 24/7 colored monitoring instead of black and white cameras. Colored tracking will make sure every detail around your property is captured.

02. Camera Storage

Opting for a high-resolution camera will also require a fair bit of storage capacity. You can be gone for weeks on your vacation, so the camera must be capable enough to store high-quality recordings for a long time. Indoor cameras with decent storage options will always be a plus point. It is advised to look for all the available options.

For example, security system dealers in California provide built-in storage drives and memory options. And while opting for wireless indoor cameras, ensure you have a stable internet connection within the range.

03. Smart Features

Your indoor camera should be smart enough to provide features like pausing the recording, zooming in on the video, and much more. Another essential element is to have a wide field of vision. The term field of vision describes the area your camera captures at once.

Your camera should provide a field vision of 140 degrees, if not more. This will ensure that every activity gets captured from a broader perspective. And if these smart features are missing in the camera, then it is not worth buying. You can also check out the various other impressive features of smart home security system.

High Resolution CCTV Camera

04. Durability

You do not want to replace your high-resolution cameras every now and then. That is why durability becomes vital to keep in mind before buying a camera. In addition, it would be best if you purchased cameras depending upon the location.

Do not go for cameras that cannot resist heat and water for a long time. It is advised to check the reviews of the camera manufacturers or ask your ADT dealer head-on. Also, stay away from the indoor  cameras, which are super sensitive and require high maintenance all the time.

05. Night Vision

So, you have a suitable storage capacity for your high-resolution camera, it is equally important to have night vision accessibility too. It is relatively easy to identify objects and faces during the daytime. However, the device’s quality is genuinely tested at night.

We cannot ignore the fact that more than 65% of robberies happen at night. Therefore, relying on a camera with no night vision will be a mistake. A night vision feature with a range of at least 20 feet or more is recommended if you want your camera to capture clear and bright images.

06. Motion Detection

Having a high-tech home automation system but without smart cameras is a complete let-down. With the advancement in technology, it becomes vital to go for cameras that can detect and focus on motion indoors and outdoors. Motion detecting smart cameras allow the users to manage and access the live footage of where the action takes place.

Smart monitoring lets you focus on a specific person, room, or area. With features like face recognition and voice controls, smart cameras will surely give a boost to your home automation system.

07. Mobile Application

Almost everything can be done via mobile apps, then why not add it to your home security? A mobile app will ensure you can see your house wherever you are and whenever you want. In addition, it will allow you to take control of your security into your hands.

You can turn it on or off whenever you want and view the surveillance while travelling. The app will also ensure you can save and view a specific recording later. Features like voice control using Alexa and Siri will also come in handy in the mobile application.

Mobile Surveillance CCTV


Indoor cameras become your eyes when you are not around. Therefore, it becomes essential to choose your virtual eyes with utmost satisfaction. Unfortunately, the smart camera market is like a minefield, with a variety of dealers having a different range of prices.

One bad step in this minefield, and you will gamble away your home security. Direct Protection Security has been the most reliable ADT dealer in California. Customer satisfaction has been the top priority With the world-class business and home security solutions. We are a one-stop solution, covering all departments to provide you with a safe and secure living space!

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9 Easy Ways to Secure Your Home From Break-Ins

Shifting into a new home can be exciting, but putting a home security system in place and starting up with security systems and devices can be intimidating. However, securing your home should be a top priority since a burglary occurs every minute. And keeping your family and property safe should be a primary focus. Fortunately, by installing a home security system you can strengthen your home’s security and stop break-ins.

Here are nine simple ways to secure your home from burglaries and break-ins:

01. Lock the doors

With the rise in domestic thefts and burglaries, double-checking your home’s locks before leaving is now more critical than ever. You must secure the hinges on the doors and windows and change the locks on a regular basis. You may no longer leave your home keys beneath the mat or in a flower pot when you go out. You must install anti-theft alarms or locks on all entryways to your home. Make it a practice to close the garage door every time you enter or leave the house. Consider acquiring an automated garage door opener or selecting an intelligent garage door if you usually overlook this.

02. Light up the yard

You may have heard that the majority of burglaries occur at night. If a criminal tries to break into your home, he will not want to be in the spotlight; this works in our favor when we place lights in the yard. Install motion sensor lights in the driveway or near the garden gnome to frighten off intruders as soon as they approach your yard. When installing security lights, you may wish to consider the following tips:

  • Choose motion-detecting lights

  • Make use of a night patrol light

03. Get A Safe

If, despite these precautions, you still experience a break-in, secure your things by installing a locker. A safe will serve as your last defense against stealing your valuables. A vault adds an extra layer of protection and can be outfitted with several locks. When looking for a safe, keep the following things in mind:

  • First, opt for vaults that have multiple locks.

  • Choose the appropriate safe size.

  • Finally, do not keep birthdays or easily decipherable information as a passcode.

Home Security Safe

04. Invest In Security systems

There was a period when security cameras were standard and successful in deterring burglars due to the fear of being detected. However, in the gen z period, the cameras will be stolen along with the goods. Modern challenges necessitate modern solutions. Thus you should invest in security systems. With the introduction of home security systems, you can now watch real-time activity and set alarms to inform you in the event of suspicious activities. A home security alarm system will be your knight in shining armor and help you achieve 100% security.

05. Peephole to the Rescue

Some bold criminals may knock on your front door to see if anybody is home, and if you open it, they will try to lure you inside by offering you a product or a fascinating narrative. An easy and affordable solution to prevent questionable people is to put a keyhole at eye level on your front door or to install a doorbell camera. In addition, it is critical to inform and educate your children about neighborhood crimes so that the next time someone comes on the door imitating the delivery guy, your child knows better than to answer the door.

06. Mailbox security

Keeping your delivered gifts safe from yard thieves entails safeguarding your front porch as part of your home security system. Every year, billions of items are sent in the United States alone, particularly during the Christmas season, and many of those purchased products remain unattended for hours, luring burglars. With doorstep piracy on the rise, you may protect your belongings by purchasing a patio lockbox or a postal sensor, a little gadget that connects to your mailbox and alerts you when it is accessed. You might even need an identification upon delivery to avoid leaving your products unattended until you come home.

07. Replace locks and doors

If your door isn’t sturdy enough, you might face a break-in. One of the most typical methods robbers break into a house is to break through the door. Install doors with sturdy material, so thieves don’t stand a chance. Install hinges and screws and secure proof the windows and garage doors too.

Manual Locking Door

08. Home Automation

Home automation can be costly and vulnerable to theft, but adding a few low-cost, security-enhancing smart-home technologies is still a good idea. For example, you may put intelligent light bulbs in porch lights and program them to turn on automatically at night. You may also consider installing smart door locks, which open and shut the door remotely and authorize entry to a guest or maid.

09. Secure Windows

Burglars typically seek easy targets, and an unlocked window is just that. So even while you’re at home, it’s a great way to keep them protected. Also, double-check the doors and the first windows to verify they’re all secured before leaving the property. Finally, install window stops on your double-hung windows to prevent burglars from breaking.


Nobody wants to be the one facing a house burglary. Implementing the guidelines on this checklist can deter and prevent criminals while keeping your family and property safe. Once you’ve completed a few items on this list, you can go to the next item on the checklist. Every minor modification will make your house and loved ones feel safer. Direct Protection Security is your go-to company when hiring someone to secure your homes or getting home security systems. Our one-of-a-kind company ensures that home safety is prioritized and your demands are met without any loopholes for any breach of security.