Things to Know About Updated Home Security Automation Systems

Massive locks and soaring gates no longer distinguish home security systems. Commercial and residential premises are now safer than ever, thanks to developments in security automation systems. Home security cameras and many more security systems are being phased out in favor of newer, more advanced items in the current generation of home security technology.

Innovative alarm systems, light sensors, smart home automation features, and other components are included in some of the most modern home security systems available in today’s scenario. Today’s home security technology advancements provide homeowners easy access to a wide selection of smart hardware and software options. Let’s take a look at some upgrades you should be aware of to improve your present home security systems!

01. Smart Locks

Smart door locks are the first updations in security automation systems where you don’t need keys; unlock the door with your phone as you approach or remotely allow someone in by emailing them a digital key. This fantastic feature of smart locks to use one button on your phone to protect your entire home is making them popular in the market.

02. Advanced lightbulbs

Smart lightbulbs are internet-connected LED lights that can be switched on, off, or dimmed using an app, your voice, or a compatible smart speaker. In certain circumstances, you can even alter the color of a smart light bulb. Bright lights combine security and convenience since they may be programmed to turn on at specific times or when another device, such as a motion sensor or a door lock, instructs them to.

Connecting your lights to your smoke alarms is a critical safety element; set them to switch on to full brightness if an alarm goes off, both to assist individuals inside and to show emergency personnel where the risk is.

03. Smart switches and plugs

By wiring an intelligent switch, you can make existing lightbulbs bright, and conventional appliances like lights, heaters, and coffee makers may be upgraded by plugging them into a smart socket. Smart switches enable traditional lightbulbs to perform all smart bulbs’ tasks (other than changing color).

Smart Bulbs

You may set them to turn on any bulb attached to their circuit, as well as any other Wi-Fi-connected lights. Smart plugs may switch appliances on and off automatically or when a specific event occurs.

04. Advanced carbon monoxide/smoke detectors

The significant advantage of a linked smoke alarm is that it will notify you and your monitoring center when it goes off, even if no one is at home. However, these home automation gadgets offer various other distinct safety characteristics. Some types, for example, can test themselves and notify you if they are malfunctioning, while others let you disable false alarms from your phone.

A smart smoke alarm linked to an intelligent home system may also switch off the HVAC system to prevent smoke from spreading, turn on the lights, and unlock the doors allowing firefighters easier access.

05. Smart cameras and video doorbells

Because wireless security cameras are internet-enabled, they do not need to be hard-wired to a home security automation system’s central hub. This means you can quickly deploy them around your home and monitor them using Wi-Fi on your smartphone at any time. Most security cameras require a monthly subscription to watch recorded video stored in the cloud. However, a handful, notably some video doorbells, provide free access to footage recorded over the previous 24 hours. Video doorbells are networked security cameras that utilize your current doorbell wire to send you an alert when someone rings the doorbell.

Most linked security cameras have motion detectors, microphones, and speakers, allowing you to converse with anyone on your property. You may set the cameras to begin recording when a sensor detects motion or an alarm is triggered if you link them to a smart home.

06. Smart Thermostats

Having control of your heating and cooling from your phone can help you save energy while being comfortable at the same time. For example, if you forgot to turn down the thermostat before leaving, you may use your phone to do it. All linked thermostats can be controlled remotely, but a genuinely smart one learns and adapts to your habits, possibly saving you much more money.

Furthermore, when linked to your home automation setup, a smart thermostat may turn off the heat if the front door is left open or notify you if the temperature in your home is much higher or lower than usual, which might indicate a freeze or fire.


You can have control over the safety of your homes with the installation of such smart home security systems. In this new era, you can’t lag in securing your homes and getting most of the advanced automation systems for convenient and safe environments. For the best and customized security automation systems contact Direct Protection Security today. We’re one of the best adt authorized dealers in California.

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Checklist To Maintain Your Home Security System

Your home is the biggest asset, and you must do everything to keep it safe and sound. Whether you’re moving into a new house or planning to upgrade the home security system of your current premises –caution and safety are pivotal.

According to a report, out of 56% of reported crimes in California, 26% were robberies. Scary indeed!

So pull your socks up and know how to secure your home and your family’s privacy – by ensuring your security system performs to its optimum level, has no breakdowns, and is in tip-top condition.

Checklist For The Home Security System

01. Weekly Checks

One of the best ways to ensure your house security system is kept in the best conditions is by ensuring weekly checks.

What to check on a weekly basis?

  • Check batteries

Make sure the batteries of your home security system are kept up to date. Many security systems consume a lot of energy. And checking them weekly will tell you about their energy consumption – and will also ensure your batteries are well-recharged and they don’t fail to secure your home.

  • Clean devices

Dust accumulated on your security system can hamper the delicate inner workings of your system. Don’t let the dust bunnies and cobwebs interfere with your home safety. Make sure you wipe away those dust and clean your house security system on a weekly basis.

Also, clean off the dust and the smudges from your camera lenses for a clear view.

02. Monthly Checks

These are the monthly checks for your home security system.

What to check on a monthly basis?

  • Updating the app

Hackers are really smart – and before you even know anything, they will create such technical loopholes that will be hard for you to detect. To save yourself from such mishaps, make sure you keep your home security app updated and free from glitches.

  • Run a self-diagnostic on the control panel

Monthly, run a self-diagnostic check on the control panel to work out defects and bugs. You can also install home security systems from ADT authorized dealers in California and let the professionals take care of these without you having to hassle through it.

Home Security App Update
  • Check the status of your property security system

If your house security system has test buttons, ensure they are functioning properly. Also, you can run a status check on your device, and for that, you need to talk to your security company.

  • Check fire detectors

Go around the house and take your time to test if the fire alarms are working correctly. If you have smart smoke detectors installed at your property, don’t forget to check them using various apps

03. Six-Months Check

This checklist is very crucial. It includes some of the things that we don’t even think about after installing a home security system – but checking once every six months is necessary.

What to check on a half-yearly basis?

  • Sensors

Typically people don’t give much thought to sensors until they start malfunctioning. Here are a few points that you must bear in mind while running a check on the sensors

i. Make sure they are firmly attached to doors, windows, and walls

ii. It is not affected by humidity

iii. Do some movement to ensure the sensor is working. If not, it’s time to change their battery.

Ditch these tensions, and install home security sensors from ADT authorized dealers in California. They strategically install sensors around your home and ensure they perform at their best with periodic checks and tests.

  • Check Battery

Though you are already running a weekly battery check of your house security system, this is an in-depth check of all the batteries included in your home security system. Check the battery of the sensors, the smoke detectors, the remote – and everything you think needs to be checked. If possible, make a note of the things you need to check and proceed accordingly.

  • Perimeter Check

As the season is changing, a lot can happen to your outdoor space. And to keep yourself safe from such mishaps, make sure you’re checking the outdoor security devices at an interval every six months.

Tweak the activity zone and privacy zone settings. Set the camera in a way where they can capture the whole area and can detect any movement in the area.

04. Annual Checks

Replacing Security Camera Battery

Yearly there are a few maintenance tasks that you must take care of. Though it may seem challenging at first, but it is worth the effort.

  • Vulnerability audit

Go around your home and check your security system, and then assess whether your security system is missing anything or if you need anything for your security system.

  • Warranty/Contract Checkup

Check the warranty and the contract of your security system at least once a year. Do the necessary upgrades.


Your property is your safety adobe – and it is your responsibility to make sure it is safe and secure. Follow this checklist to make your home security system up and running without any discrepancies.

If you want to be extra cautious and secure about the safety of your home, install a home security system from ADT authorized dealers in California. Having said that, Direct Protection Security is one of their most prominent dealers, providing the best and most affordable home security system to thousands of residential and commercial clients. Their technologically advanced system backed by quality and commitment is what sets them apart from others in the market. What are you waiting for? Contact us to install a reliable security system today!

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Why You Need a Video Doorbell for Your Home

Smart Video Doorbells have recently gained immense demand. According to a recent survey, approximately 22 million US households choose video doorbells in the first quarter of 2020. But will video doorbells soon replace security cameras? What features make these smart video doorbells reliable?

Home doorbell cameras are small-sized devices that can replace the usual ones. While they have an internal alarm to notify you about the arrival of visitors, they are also equipped with audio-video recording and internet connectivity. Additionally, these bells are integrated with an app for easy operation and can be connected to the cloud for storing the data.

Still not convinced about opting for this enthralling innovation? Please keep reading to know a few of its fascinating merits.

01. Protect Your Home and Prevent Crime

A video doorbell notifies you about the visitor at your door, whether you are in the kitchen, at the grocery shop, or on a vacation. You can have both-way conversations with the visitor using the app through the video doorbell.

In addition, you don’t need to tell anyone when you aren’t home. This reduces the possibility of your home becoming the next target of burglars.

Besides, you don’t need to stay at home for an important delivery; when the delivery arrives, you can tell the person where to leave the package or ask a neighbor to pick it up.

02. High-Quality Video Monitoring

Video doorbells can be of great significance in monitoring your property. The live footage can be seen on the phone. The doorbell has an obvious camera that captures clear images even in dim lights.

If you miss a visitor’s call, the video doorbell will take a picture of them and record the date and time of the visit. This function helps maintain a detailed log of people who stop by your door.

03. A Sound Evidence

If a least expected unfortunate event occurs, smart video doorbells can provide the footage, which can be proved as evidence of great significance. The recording can be used for investigation as well as for getting an insurance claim.

Another critical issue that can be settled using this device revolves around deliveries. Have you ever been through a situation where the delivery service claimed the arrival of a specific package that never really arrived? With a doorbell camera, such disputes can be effortlessly solved. The parcel left outside the door can also be remotely monitored using your smartphone till you arrive and get the package.

04. Prevents Unnecessary Botherings

Sometimes you need an undisturbed afternoon book reading, and then all the unsolicited visitors arrive out of the blue. Sounds familiar? With a smart video doorbell, you receive an instant alert about any motion detected on your door; seeing the visitor on-screen saves you from personally opening the door while ensuring that you don’t miss any familiar visitor.

Woman Monitoring Video Doorbell

05. Discourages Perpetrators

A video doorbell can be an essential deterrent when a possible intruder approaches your door. Unfortunately, Bulgars typically aim for easy prey, and there are high chances they may not create any nuisance.

06. Can Be Connected To The Existing Security System

A smart doorbell is an ideal solution to the need for surveillance on the front door. However, it can be connected to other security cameras establishing a security network for your place. Fortunately, several doorbells can work in accordance with other cameras.

07. Attracts Potential Buyers

Real estate experts opine buyers prefer house options with security features and surveillance. Therefore, installing a video doorbell will enhance safety and increase its value.

08. Monitoring Your Kids

Leaving children behind can be daunting, whether with a babysitter or on their own. Unfortunately, there are many instances of child abuse by babysitters. Besides, it is hard to believe your teenagers no matter how strongly they assure you about being in the proper association. Monitoring video footage through the app helps ensure your child’s safety with the babysitter and proves their decent conduct in your absence.

Hearing their voice and talking to them by using two-way doorbell audio can be relieving when you are away. Additionally, you can monitor the live feed to ensure there is no suspicious person near your child when he’s unattended.

Child Monitoring

09. Helps Lowering Insurance Bill

Insurers have recently started offering discounts to owners who install intelligent security systems. According to a recent study, 4 out of 10 insurance providers have joined hands with security device manufacturers. In short, installing a video doorbell camera provides an extra layer of security and helps save on insurance bills.


Wireless smart doorbells are exceptionally capable of safeguarding houses. Although they are unnoticeable, they provide excellent operability. However, with the changing times, people are mostly away from home for work, making empty homes an easy target for miscreants. With a vision of providing expert security solutions, Direct Protection Security is a leading security provider in home automation in California. Its dedication to trustworthy service has earned a different name among security dealers and providers.

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Business Security Strategies To Keep Your People and Assets Safe

Protecting your businesses from several potential threats should always be a top priority for business owners. The repeated headlines about delivery driver murders, workplace robberies, and other similar crimes demonstrate, that there are numerous reasons to properly equip a business security system in your building for employees to handle any scary scenarios. By employing the security systems, you can assure a higher degree of safety at your business premises by being proactive about the security simultaneously. This will also avoid fraud, employee theft, and most critically, the possibility of violent crimes. Wondering what to do and what not for the business’s security? Here are strategies that can help you out. Keep reading!

Have a Reliable Data Backup System

A backup system is an approach that helps you save your assets so that you can restore them in the case of cybercrime. The system mends all necessary data instead of those that have been lost. It would help if you back up the company assets regularly to protect them. Fortunately, most backup solutions are inexpensive.

You may use internal as well as external portable storage devices. External backup systems will keep your digital assets safe and secure offsite.

You may also utilize the cloud storage solution to back up your data. Cloud computing allows you to store as much data as you want. When uploading your materials to the cloud, make sure they’re adequately encrypted, as this raises their degree of security.

Keep your storage devices and service networks safe

To grant access to your digital assets, your devices and service network collaborate. Anyone with access to them may unintentionally acquire your saved data. To protect your assets, ensure the machines that store them are adequately secured, with the network service that allows them to be accessed.

One method to accomplish this is to keep your operating system and security software continually and automatically updated. Outdated operating systems expose your assets to attackers because they may be unable to identify new infections and threats. Upgrading them aids the system in detecting and correcting security weaknesses and dangers before they cause havoc.

Alarm Triggers

If your alarm system is activated, a qualified security specialist will respond to your location. Although your alarm system might have been activated for a variety of reasons, not all of which result in criminal behavior, it saves you or an employee from having to attend a potentially dangerous scenario.

Safe Business Networks

Video Monitoring

24/7 video surveillance serves several functions in your company’s security system.It can serve as a deterrent, inhibiting theft before it occurs. In the case of a crime, video footage can be used to identify suspects and offer evidence in an insurance claim. Furthermore, most security cameras are mobile-enabled and may be accessed from a phone or computer outside of the company. Security cameras can be deployed as a single unit in a problem area or as a networked system for a comprehensive view of the entire enterprise.

Detection of Intruders

In the case of an incident on the business’s premises, an intrusion detection system will raise an alert. Whether it’s shattered glass during a forced entrance, a carbon monoxide detector going off, or a smoke and heat detector going off, this measure assists in alerting local security agencies. These gadgets also serve as efficient deterrents in the case of a burglary. In fact, a study of burglary tendencies indicated that 60% of thieves would seek out another business if they detected an alarm at their first target.

Inform Your Employee About Security Procedures

Your workers and certain employees who work offsite will have access to some of your corporate assets. To avoid data and access mismanagement, you should educate them on the security procedures they should always follow when interacting with your systems. It’s a good idea to educate them on the proper location of devices and how to manage any gadget that holds corporate assets.

Furthermore, they should exercise caution when dealing with public Wi-Fi to avoid unauthorized access to the business’s systems. Employees who have left your organization should no longer be able to access your digital assets as part of your security policies. Also, it would be beneficial if you implemented policies to help your employees understand what is acceptable and unacceptable while engaging with the firm’s assets.

Business Security Discussion


Utilizing all the above strategies can guarantee that your valuables are well-protected. You just need to check what goes well with your business. However, if you are looking to install a security system at your business premises, Direct Protection Security is the ideal option  in for you. Contact us for the best offers and deals on security systems and get the most out of it.

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9 Easy Ways to Secure Your Home From Break-Ins

Shifting into a new home can be exciting, but putting a home security system in place and starting up with security systems and devices can be intimidating. However, securing your home should be a top priority since a burglary occurs every minute. And keeping your family and property safe should be a primary focus. Fortunately, by installing a home security system you can strengthen your home’s security and stop break-ins.

Here are nine simple ways to secure your home from burglaries and break-ins:

01. Lock the doors

With the rise in domestic thefts and burglaries, double-checking your home’s locks before leaving is now more critical than ever. You must secure the hinges on the doors and windows and change the locks on a regular basis. You may no longer leave your home keys beneath the mat or in a flower pot when you go out. You must install anti-theft alarms or locks on all entryways to your home. Make it a practice to close the garage door every time you enter or leave the house. Consider acquiring an automated garage door opener or selecting an intelligent garage door if you usually overlook this.

02. Light up the yard

You may have heard that the majority of burglaries occur at night. If a criminal tries to break into your home, he will not want to be in the spotlight; this works in our favor when we place lights in the yard. Install motion sensor lights in the driveway or near the garden gnome to frighten off intruders as soon as they approach your yard. When installing security lights, you may wish to consider the following tips:

  • Choose motion-detecting lights

  • Make use of a night patrol light

03. Get A Safe

If, despite these precautions, you still experience a break-in, secure your things by installing a locker. A safe will serve as your last defense against stealing your valuables. A vault adds an extra layer of protection and can be outfitted with several locks. When looking for a safe, keep the following things in mind:

  • First, opt for vaults that have multiple locks.

  • Choose the appropriate safe size.

  • Finally, do not keep birthdays or easily decipherable information as a passcode.

Home Security Safe

04. Invest In Security systems

There was a period when security cameras were standard and successful in deterring burglars due to the fear of being detected. However, in the gen z period, the cameras will be stolen along with the goods. Modern challenges necessitate modern solutions. Thus you should invest in security systems. With the introduction of home security systems, you can now watch real-time activity and set alarms to inform you in the event of suspicious activities. A home security alarm system will be your knight in shining armor and help you achieve 100% security.

05. Peephole to the Rescue

Some bold criminals may knock on your front door to see if anybody is home, and if you open it, they will try to lure you inside by offering you a product or a fascinating narrative. An easy and affordable solution to prevent questionable people is to put a keyhole at eye level on your front door or to install a doorbell camera. In addition, it is critical to inform and educate your children about neighborhood crimes so that the next time someone comes on the door imitating the delivery guy, your child knows better than to answer the door.

06. Mailbox security

Keeping your delivered gifts safe from yard thieves entails safeguarding your front porch as part of your home security system. Every year, billions of items are sent in the United States alone, particularly during the Christmas season, and many of those purchased products remain unattended for hours, luring burglars. With doorstep piracy on the rise, you may protect your belongings by purchasing a patio lockbox or a postal sensor, a little gadget that connects to your mailbox and alerts you when it is accessed. You might even need an identification upon delivery to avoid leaving your products unattended until you come home.

07. Replace locks and doors

If your door isn’t sturdy enough, you might face a break-in. One of the most typical methods robbers break into a house is to break through the door. Install doors with sturdy material, so thieves don’t stand a chance. Install hinges and screws and secure proof the windows and garage doors too.

Manual Locking Door

08. Home Automation

Home automation can be costly and vulnerable to theft, but adding a few low-cost, security-enhancing smart-home technologies is still a good idea. For example, you may put intelligent light bulbs in porch lights and program them to turn on automatically at night. You may also consider installing smart door locks, which open and shut the door remotely and authorize entry to a guest or maid.

09. Secure Windows

Burglars typically seek easy targets, and an unlocked window is just that. So even while you’re at home, it’s a great way to keep them protected. Also, double-check the doors and the first windows to verify they’re all secured before leaving the property. Finally, install window stops on your double-hung windows to prevent burglars from breaking.


Nobody wants to be the one facing a house burglary. Implementing the guidelines on this checklist can deter and prevent criminals while keeping your family and property safe. Once you’ve completed a few items on this list, you can go to the next item on the checklist. Every minor modification will make your house and loved ones feel safer. Direct Protection Security is your go-to company when hiring someone to secure your homes or getting home security systems. Our one-of-a-kind company ensures that home safety is prioritized and your demands are met without any loopholes for any breach of security.

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Top 5 Benefits Of Installing Integrated Business Security System

Business security system integration is an essential need for all businesses across the globe. But still, many business owners do not take the type of arrangement they possess and how it protects them seriously. With the increased information phishing and thefts in California, it is more important than ever to have anything to secure your business based on the firm’s demands. It can be challenging to approach different security platforms and choose the right alarm system or camera; this is where integrated Business security systems come in. Custom integration security combines all major wireless alarm system components in one place.

What Does an Integrated Security System Mean?

Instead of opting for a varied range of security systems, an integrated system amalgamates all areas of security your business needs in one place. It is like a multidisciplinary layer of firewall that secures your business. Some businesses confront physical risks such as theft and break-ins. Others must cope with cyber hazards by hackers seeking sensitive data to target on the web. Splitting security duties among numerous parties or just remaining with old technologies for an extended period of time can cause significant issues for modern enterprises. Integrated solutions offer user-friendly and adaptable hubs. Still not convinced? Read on to find out the five most essential benefits an integrated security system can bring to your life:

  • Security for a Centralized Network

  • Improving Safety and Productivity

  • Defend Against False Claims

  • Flexible Integrated Alarm Services that are Simple to Use

Integrated Business Security System

01. Security for a Centralized Network

The systems integration company may obviously improve business management efficiency, but many people are unaware that it can also improve productivity in other areas. The most recent integrated business security system can also combine with the property’s automation and Internet technologies to help manage other business elements. For example, you may link an intelligent sensor to the policy to make better use of your company’s lighting system. The lights might be set up to behave differently throughout the day or in reaction to particular circumstances. It might also identify an intrusion if the windows and doors and doors are forced open and can have an alarm to shut them.

02. Improving Safety and Productivity​

Your company should not wait for the consequences of a breach of security to manifest before taking action. With the stroke of a button, an integrated security system provides real-time monitoring, allowing your workers to expedite their work processes and check on numerous parts of your company. In several ways, safety may be increased with a wireless business alarm. Surveillance cameras for company security integration might be among the most effective crime deterrents. An integrated security system may be an efficient way to keep criminals out of the premises, making it a safer place to work for your workers.

03. Defend Against False Claims

A firm becoming the target of a fraudulent allegation is probably something most people have heard about at least once. In most situations, the consumer finds their data has been phished; in other circumstances, it might just be a case of aggressive teenage hackers trying their ways at cyber theft. In any case, fraudulent allegations may be detrimental to a firm’s reputation and hard to shrug off. This is where integrated security technologies come into the picture. With the advent of this facility, you are far more likely to get the proof you need to fight through false allegations of all kinds.

04. Flexible Integrated Alarm Services that are Simple to Use

You may have often found yourself in a dilemma with the buffet of security services offered. Determining which service suits your business the most is exhausting and time-consuming. An integrated business system’s primary advantage is that it gives you all services in one place and can be highly customized. You won’t have to adjust your security needs based on the services offered, but you can customize an integrated alarm service. A customizable wireless alarm system for business allows you to link a variety of various sensors and devices to the system. Instead of committing resources to resolve typical security concerns, an integrated system enables businesses to handle issues instantly and prevent them from repeating.

Eliminating False Alarms

05. The Financial Advantages of Security System Integration

The only thing as necessary as managing security is managing finances. An integrated system might save you money by boosting your overall safety. In addition, your collaborative solutions might eventually automate the majority of your enterprise’s security. This would enable you to resolve issues swiftly and effectively, with simple coordination and streamlined personnel processes. Most businesses that engage in business security system integration discover that the total savings outweigh the initial expenditures.


Security systems are a game changer regarding the safety of businesses. Your firm benefits from better security that is easier to administer, and the systems may be tailored to the company’s unique requirements. The facilities and services are worth every penny you pay. Additionally, system integration may save you money over time, so it is a long-term investment that will pay for itself. In today’s world, when cyber threats and fraud are on the rise, it is critical to establish high-quality security measures. Direct Protection Security is one of the leading security system dealers in California, catering to your security requirements.

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Important Tips to Remember while Purchasing a Home Security System

You have bought your family a perfect home in a lively neighborhood. You have decorated and styled your house with all your heart. Now you are thinking of installing a random home security system, here is a fact that will open your eyes. According to the latest survey, more than 300 burglaries happen daily in the US. And most of the residents had a security system installed in their homes. That is why choosing the ideal security system becomes vital to your family’s safety.

Now you want to purchase a security system but don’t know where to start. Here are the top 7 tips you should remember before buying a home security system.

01. Burglar systems are not Home Security Systems

People generally confuse burglar systems with home security systems and end up installing them. However, there is a considerable difference between them, as home security systems provide more benefits to your home than burglar systems. Therefore, you must be aware of the impressive features of smart home security system.

As the name suggests, burglar systems are only for protection against burglars. In contrast, security systems protect your precious home from imminent danger.

Burglar systems have motion sensors installed on the windows and doors. However, they can only alert you if someone tries to break in. But a home security system has much more features, like alarming the owner in a fire or medical emergency.

Therefore, it is considered a better investment than burglar systems.

02. Choose your Dealer Wisely

If you do not choose your dealer wisely, having a preferred home security system in mind is not enough. There are many things you must ask your dealer or provider before hiring them. The first thing to ask is how long the company has been in the industry. The experience of the company naturally depicts its happy customers.

Secondly, does the company sign a contract or not? Most companies sign contracts with their customers (assuming they agree to the terms & conditions). Don’t be hasty; ensure that the dealer provides reasonable terms in the agreement. Do not sign anything you are unaware of. Always take as much time as you need while reading the contract.

Another point to consider is to check whether there is any warranty and guarantee on the security system. IoT-based home automation systems are impeccable but still machines and can sometimes malfunction.

Therefore, it is essential to sign a company that takes account of its products and provides some warranty period.

03. Home security systems can be affordable

Not all excellent security systems need to be expensive. You can still buy a security system for your home if you are on a tight budget and want to protect your house. 

With the increasing competition in the industry, the range of options has opened up drastically. For example, security alarms and security systems are available in every price range.

It is always better to do your research and look around before making a decision. Never listen to anyone and install some random system on their call.

04. Background check of the Employees

Assuming you signed a security company and they send employees to install the home security system at your place. Those employees and installers will gradually have access to and knowledge about your security system and its contents.

They will also know the whereabouts of the valuable things in your house. This is as equal as having access to your family. Therefore, it becomes crucial to ensure that the company conducts a thorough background check of their staff before hiring them so that you can trust the process entirely.

05. Live monitoring over recording

It is advised to choose live video monitoring with high-quality cameras over recording the day’s activity and viewing it later. This provides you with the liberty to view your house and its surroundings even when you are out of town or at work.

Companies these days offer live feed monitoring features in their security systems. Make sure to ask them before signing a contract. Always prefer high-quality equipment and cameras in your security systems. So that if you catch any suspicious activity in the live feed, you can view it clearly and identify the culprit.

06. Additional services are not always beneficial

As you come close to signing the contract, your dealer will provide you with additional services. These services may seem tempting as they are made that way. But they are not necessarily beneficial.

For instance, if you do not have extravagant paintings or sculptures to protect, there is no need to pay for special packages.

07. Satisfaction is the Key

The protection of your house is your own decision. Do not stray from your decision just because you saw a fancy advertisement or heard about it from someone else. Always research and make a decision you and your family can fully agree upon.

If 99 out of 100 factors in a company are great, but you are unsure about the last one, don’t go for it. Instead, choose a security system by weighing its pros and cons according to your budget.

satisfied home security system customer


Choosing a security system dealer can be exhausting, but this checklist will ensure you are protected in all departments. And Direct Protection Security covers all the bases and provides your home with the security it needs. In addition, it considers decades of research, advanced technology, and customer reviews to deliver the best products in this security realm.

With years of experience in the industry, we are California’s top home and business protection solution provider, with a customer satisfaction rate off the charts. To ensure that your house rests safely without you having to worry, contact us now!

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Benefits of ADT Dealers Over Local Security Service Providers

Just because you believe you live in a safe neighborhood doesn’t guarantee your family’s safety. Having a smart home security system surely does. But just for the sake of it, people install security systems from a local security service provider. This compromises their family’s safety in the near future.

Compared to any local security service providers, ADT dealers have proven their reliability from time to time. And in California, there is a definite sense of relief and accountability for ADT authorized dealers than any other local service provider.

Are you still having a dilemma about it? Here lies a detailed analysis of ADT authorized dealers vs. local security service providers:

Plethora of Services

Having a smart home security system requires a lot of work. And if your service provider has a limited number of options, then you are already putting your security at risk. Your security dealer should provide you with plenty of options to choose from.

Unlike local service providers, ADT authorized dealers provide several services and packages, giving you the liberty to choose yourself. Having a pool of service options represents the reliability of the dealer. ADT authorized dealers provide various packages like Remote controlling, Video surfacing, Business security, and other smart security devices. On the other hand, local security service providers have no unique options for your house and offices.

High-Quality Features

Quality is the most vital part while selecting security systems. And if the place is your home, you cannot afford to compromise even a little bit. Almost all smart home security systems are operable with the help of IoT (internet of things). IoT links your home appliances and equipment to the internet.

Living in California with increasing numbers in crimes, it has become a necessity to have a smart home security system. ADT authorized dealers provide the feature of controlling all your security equipment using voice recognition, software apps, and sensors.

Features like anti-burglary systems, sensor activity monitoring, front door camera locks, and many more are hard to find in local security service providers. And if your dealer cannot provide these high-quality features, even after spending a lot of money, it is not worth picking.

Warranty and Guarantee

ADT is the most experienced home and business security provider in the United States. They take full accountability for their service. In addition, they provide a six-month money-back guarantee with all the high-quality technology and equipment.

Whereas local security service providers rarely provide such warranties. The quality of equipment used by the local providers is subpar compared to that of the ADT authorized dealers. And with no product guarantee to back it up, choosing local services over ADT dealers will be a huge gamble.

Professional Approach

A small local security provider might not have the experience and staffing to handle clients proficiently. But on the other hand, ADT authorized dealers are utterly professional in their approach toward their customers.

professional security service approach

Excellent Service and Response Time

There can be problems with your smart home security system at times. Regular service of your security system is essential for its longevity and performance. But if your service provider is delaying the service or dodging your calls, it makes you concerned.

Local security companies, being understaffed most of the time, cannot afford to provide service to multiple clients. This causes the customer to lose faith in the provider. ADT authorized dealers guarantee impeccable service with a quick response time. They have centers all over the province and can get to the client in one call. Thus, you don’t need to spend even a single night with your faulty security system.

They have the experience and the expertise to deal with unprecedented scenarios that may arrive at times. Compared to them, local service providers are relevantly new to the market with less experience in the industry.

ADT authorized dealers to have separate business and smart home security systems and teams. As a result, they are trained to handle situations professionally, ensuring their customer’s security never gets compromised.

Customer Satisfaction

Even if you are away from home and a burglar breaks in. The software installed in the ADT security system will immediately notify you and send a distress call to the nearest police station.

Not only this, ADT security provides panic buttons for medical and fire emergencies as well. Isn’t this considered customer satisfaction?

A satisfied customer is a happy customer. And if your security dealer provides a guarantee, accountability, and quality assurance like ADT dealers do, then you are in safe hands.

24-hour Customer Support

ADT being in the industry for a long time, provides 24-hour customer support in case of emergency. This gives the customer a sense of reliability in the dealer, which is lacking if you hire any local security service.

24-hour Customer Support

In the case of today’s modern security equipment, it can sometimes be a bit complicated. Therefore, having someone to guide you anytime you need a deep understanding and knowledge of a product to satisfy a customer.

Being understaffed and having less experience does not allow local service providers to appoint a separate wing for customer support. This is where the quality standards and experienced professionals of ADT dealers make the difference.


With many security options, unbending quality, a professional and friendly approach, and great service quality, it is a no-brainer to choose ADT authorized dealers over any local security service provider. And Direct Protection Security being the top home and business protection provider in California ensures all of that with unbeatable prices. With specialized teams and professional employees and is the most trustful ADT authorized dealer in California. With a long and successful history, we ensure that the quality of security is never compromised. Contact us now!

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Home Automation – Impressive Features Of Smart Home Security System

Nothing is more crucial than the safety of your family. With rising property crime rates, keeping an eye on your safety precautions is critical. Are your security techniques up to date? Are they keeping up with the ongoing digital revolution?

The home automation security system has a long history, particularly in science fiction, which depicted future homes as entirely automated, with robots assisting us with household chores. Until now, there hasn’t been the technology to turn these fantasies into reality. However, home automation is developing new solutions for homes that employ internet-based technology to make them smarter.

Smart homes use home automation technologies to make residents’ day-to-day life more manageable. Automated security systems allow homeowners to program, monitor, and control their security setup remotely or through an in-home dashboard, providing both home safety and security as well as a potential deterrent for burglars.

What Is Home Automation?

Employing technology to connect domestic appliances at home to perform actions on their own is known as home automation. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the term that describes the emergence of these home automation devices (internet of things). IoT lets you link your home appliances to the internet. It allows you to control all of them from one place, using apps, voice assistants, and automation software.

An Overview

The ECHO IV, built by Westinghouse engineer Jim Sutherland in 1966, was the first actual home automation system. That controlled temperature and appliances and allowed for the entry and retrieval of grocery lists, recipes, and other family memos. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, home automation grew increasingly popular as internet technology advanced quickly, and smart homes became more accessible. Home technology, or ‘domotics,’ was a hot issue as domestic appliances and computers were integrated.

Smart technologies gradually merge into our homes as technology becomes more accessible, and most Western populations have home internet and smartphones. The focus is now on convenience, security, and energy efficiency through connectivity and interactivity.

Key Features Of Smart Home Security System

Smart home popularity figures suggest that Americans prefer home automation gadgets more than other countries, with a penetration rate of 32.4% and an approximate total of 41.3 million smart homes. The smart homes market is warming up gradually, mainly because of their competent features that ensure safety to a substantial percentage.

Following is the list of a few top key features of smart home security systems:

01. High-End Security Camera

Poor quality video capturing in surveillance cameras is a long-gone time. Smart cameras today can capture images in high definition – even 4K. They deliver the highest level of detail — it’s almost as if you’re watching a movie in your living room. Some night-vision cameras capture even full-color photos. When you combine their zoom, tilt, pan, and remote-control capabilities, you have a surveillance camera system equivalent to having many security officers on duty.

Smart Home Security Camera Recording

02. Advanced Recorders For Timely Alerts

Video analytics, pattern-based algorithms, and AI technology are used in the recorders that save the camera footage. As a result, the system recognizes an object or person captured by your high-definition cameras and sounds the alarms. It can even recognize license plates, face traits, and various items. Due to this high-end technology, when a stray animal passes by, it acknowledges the motion and does not trigger the alert. Finding specific footage can be done smoothly in a few seconds.

03. Geofencing

Well, geofencing is a relatively new feature compared to the others on the list. Few people know this impeccable aspect of a home automation security system. It allows you to construct an impenetrable boundary around your property. The security system is activated when an intruder breaches the perimeter. You can make the geofence as big or as narrow as you want.

A smart security system with geofencing can detect when you’ve left the house while you’re away. It arms itself and sets all of the security rules in place. Furthermore, the device uses GPS to determine your location and turns off when you pull into the driveway. It’s simply another example of how smart and smooth home security can be.

04. Remote Triggers

Since all home appliances are connected to one master panel that controls their functioning, the mobile alert feature is an added advantage that has changed many lives. Your smart system tells you when something happens on your property, unlike surveillance cameras and systems that simply record an occurrence. The device can activate lighting if an intruder enters your property.

Remote Triggers


Home automation is becoming increasingly popular, as previously said. As more houses become smart, we at DPS are working hard to provide you with a comfortable and secure living. Our high-tech home and business security systems are reliable and long-lasting. Contact us to get a free quotation, we provide customized security systems according to your need and requirements.

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Why You Should Get a Home Security System for Senior Citizens

Over the previous century, life expectancy has risen considerably. Indeed, the World Health Organization predicts that by 2050, persons over 65 will outnumber youngsters under the age of 14. Scientific advancements like smart-home technology and security systems for the seniors, also known as reliable domotics, enable them to stay safe in their homes.

For the safety of seniors, an intelligent home security system can be a beneficial investment. You receive enhanced security, and many of these systems may enable home automation features that make life easier for you. Smart home security systems are reliable solutions that improve home safety for the elderly and help parents care by monitoring their houses. Thus, keeping them secure and protected.

Here is a list of the top 5 reasons why one should have home safety systems for senior citizens:

01. Prevents Criminal Activity

The first and most significant benefit of installing a home security system is preventing criminal activities. Seniors are considered the easiest target for burglaries. Criminals assume that they are not physically active enough to safeguard their homes or care about installing home automation systems.

However, in today’s tech advanced scenario, smart home systems have reduced crime rates to a notable percentage. Reports have shown that installing a basic security system could easily prevent about 87% of property crimes. Criminals are drawn toward these soft targets, so if they come across a home with a security system, they will usually go on to a less risky target.

02. Assured Safety

You are protected against more than one crime with a modern smart alarm system. These systems can be equipped with fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. The best part is that they keep working during the power outage, saving the elderly from becoming a potential target for criminals.
Generally, burglars enter the house through main doors 34% of the time. Hence a home protection system consisting of motion sensors and security cameras will send you warning alerts on your smartphone. It will give you enough time to call for help in case of any mishappenings.

03. Automated Home Technology for Medical Assistance

It is no mystery that senior citizens are more prone to medical troubles. Taking care of older parents often necessitates awareness of significant health issues such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, or diabetes. Hence, health alert devices are included in elderly alarm systems. Some of these may be carried around the house and are wireless.

Old Women Using Smart Security Device

In the case of a medical emergency, you can also set up stationary devices that will send out an alarm or some form of trigger. When you require protection for seniors, the push of a safety alarm button can send emergency professionals to your location.

04. Keep Elderly’s Independent

Often senior citizens hate the idea of leaving their homes or losing their independence. Yet some are forced to do so due to safety concerns. A smart home security system for seniors, on the other hand, can assist them in maintaining your freedom. Adding a smart security system and innovative elements like an electric doorbell can make their life easier. In fact, the family will feel better about elders being independent, and they will be less likely to recommend moving away.

If your family members know you have an alarm system, they will be less concerned. Further, allow a trusted family member to register with the mobile apps connected to all these security sensors to get timely alerts.

05. An Efficient Home

Installing a security system in your home protects you from burglaries. It makes it more efficient, especially for children and senior citizens residing. Some of these come with smart lighting and locks. Anyone approaching the main door will enable sensors to automatically follow the motion and turn on the lights. Hence, the hustle with keys is no longer required. You can easily type the passcode to enter your home, and no stranger will know it. Therefore safety and convenience at the same time.

Happily Living Elderly Couple

The Bottom Line

At home, older individuals feel constantly unsafe and fear intruders and break-ins. A home security system is an essential expense. But not every system is made equal, especially when it comes to accessibility for the elderly. DPS smart home security systems are easy to operate and assure the safety of residents of all ages. Our systems are equipped with advanced technology features to ensure the protection of all angles of your home sweet home. Contact us now!