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Which Is The Best Security System Provider: Direct Protection Security Or Simplisafe?

Security System Providers

Home security is essential to protecting your property and keeping your loved ones safe. With the increasing prevalence of theft, vandalism, and other property crimes, securing your home and deterring potential intruders is essential. Home security systems provide a range of benefits. One of the most significant benefits of home security is that it can help deter burglars and other criminals. In addition, security systems can provide rapid alerts to homeowners and authorities when a potential threat is detected, allowing for a quick response and potentially preventing crimes.
However, choosing the best home security system is essential, as it involves protecting your loved ones and property. DPS and SimpliSafe are two of the most popular security system providers, offering many features and services to meet customers’ needs. This article will compare DPS and SimpliSafe to help you determine the best security system provider.

Direct Protection Security

DPS, or Digital Protection Services, is the United States’ leading home and business security system provider. The company, under ADT authorization, offers a wide range of security services and products, including alarm systems, surveillance cameras, access control systems, and fire protection systems.

At DPS, the safety and security of their customers are of utmost importance. The company employs state-of-the-art technology to provide comprehensive security solutions that meet customers’ unique needs. Their security systems are designed to detect and deter intruders, alert authorities in an emergency, and provide real-time monitoring and remote access capabilities.


SimpliSafe, founded in 2006, is a newer player in the home security industry, founded in 2006. They offer a range of affordable security systems that can be self-installed. SimpliSafe does not have a network of authorized dealers but offers professional monitoring services. Their monitoring services are also available 24/7, and they offer an app that allows customers to monitor their security system remotely.

Features Of Direct Protection Security & SimpliSafe

Now that we’ve introduced both DPS and SimpliSafe let’s take a closer look at their features and services to help you decide the best security system provider for your needs.

1. Installation

One of the main differences between DPS and SimpliSafe is the installation process.
DPS requires professional installation, meaning an authorized dealer will come to your home and install the security system. This process can be more convenient for customers needing more time or skills to install a security system.

SimpliSafe, on the other hand, offers a DIY installation process. Customers can purchase an online security system and install it by following the instructions. This process can be complicated for people lacking the required knowledge and skills.

2. Monitoring

Both DPS and SimpliSafe offer professional monitoring services.
DPS’s monitoring services are available 24/7 and have a vast network of monitoring centers across the United States. In an emergency, their monitoring centers are always available to respond quickly and efficiently. They also offer various monitoring services, including intrusion, fire, carbon monoxide, and flood monitoring.

SimpliSafe’s monitoring services are also available 24/7, and they offer two types of monitoring services: standard monitoring and interactive monitoring. Routine monitoring is an essential service that includes intrusion and fire monitoring. Interactive monitoring includes mobile alerts, remote arm and disarm, and video verification.

3. Equipment

DPS and SimpliSafe offer a range of equipment to meet customers’ needs.
DPS’s equipment includes various security systems, including burglar alarms, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and flood detectors. It also offers smart home automation equipment such as smart door locks, smart thermostats, and smart lighting.

SimpliSafe’s equipment includes various security systems, including burglar alarms, smoke detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors. They also offer security cameras and smart home automation equipment such as smart door locks and thermostats.

4. Customer Service

Customer service is an essential factor to consider when choosing a security system provider. DPS and SimpliSafe offer customer support to help customers with questions or issues.
DPS’s customer support is available 24/7 and can be contacted via phone, email, or live chat. It also has a vast network of authorized dealers who can provide in-person support to customers.

SimpliSafe’s customer support is available 24/7. It can be reached via phone, email, or live chat. Additionally, SimpliSafe offers a range of resources on its website to help customers troubleshoot any issues they may have with their security system.

Why Is Direct Protection Security Better?

While both Direct Protection Security and SimpliSafe offer reliable security systems, there are a few areas where DPS stands out as a better option:

1. Professional Installation

DPS offers professional installation services for its security systems, which can be a significant advantage for those who want to avoid installing the equipment themselves. With professional installation, you can be assured that the system is installed correctly and will work optimally from the outset. In contrast, SimpliSafe relies on a self-installation process, which can be a hassle for those not technically inclined.

2. Wide Range Of Services

They offer a broader range of security services than SimpliSafe. They also provide home automation services, remote access, video surveillance, and access control solutions other than home security systems. With these services, DPS can help you create a comprehensive home security system tailored to your needs. SimpliSafe, on the other hand, focuses primarily on home security systems.

3. Established Reputation

DPS is a well-established company in the security industry. They have a solid reputation for providing high-quality security solutions to millions of customers across the globe. This established reputation can give customers added peace of mind and confidence in their security system.

4. Customizable Packages

Direct Protection Security offers customizable security packages. It can be customized to your specific needs and budget. This allows you to choose the features that matter most to you, such as home automation or video surveillance, and avoid paying for features you don’t need. SimpliSafe, on the other hand, offers pre-packaged security systems that may need to be more flexible in terms of customization.

5. ADT-Authorized Dealers

ADT has a vast network of authorized dealers like DPS, who can provide in-person support to customers. This can be a significant advantage for those who prefer face-to-face interactions and want to work with a local service provider. With ADT-authorized dealers, you can be assured of prompt and reliable support for your security system. SimpliSafe does not have an authorized dealer network and relies primarily on remote customer support.


Both DPS and SimpliSafe are reputable security system providers offering a range of features and services to meet customers’ needs. DPS is a well-established company in the security industry and has the trust of ADT. Consider your needs and preferences when choosing between the two to determine the best security system provider. Contact us now!

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