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Top 7 Reasons Why Smart Door Locks Are Great For Your Home

Smart door locks are one of the first and most crucial components of an alarm system for a home or company. The traditional lock and key have withstood the test of time because it is a sufficient security mechanism for limiting entry to the residence. However, it has significant shortcomings. Keys can be misplaced, stolen, or cloned; if you forget your key, you risk locking yourself out; these standard locks can be picked or forced open, and a typical door lock won’t alert you if it has been compromised.

The smart door lock is upgraded thanks to smart home automation technologies and home security systems, which can increase home alarms and improve your life in various ways. Let’s look into the reasons that make these smart devices exceptional.

Best Reasons To Add Smart Door Locks To Home Security Systems

01. Access Control Methodologies

You can assign a unique code to each user so they can enter the house using smart door locks. Some systems even track who enters and exits the building so you can see when people arrive and depart. If you plan a vacation, you can still provide others access while you are away. You can give someone a code while you are away rather than having to provide them with a copy of the key. You might even give out codes only valid for a certain period of the day. This may be advantageous for individuals needing to visit while you are at work, such as dog walkers or housekeepers.

02. Bluetooth Decryption

There may be various locking options based on the type of smart lock you install. Bluetooth unlocking is a valuable function that sure smart locks offer. The wireless alarm system will identify your phone as an unlocking device if you pair it with it. When you get home, the system can automatically unlock the door for you when it sees your phone approaching the front entrance.

03. Instant Code Modification

Immediately changing the access or admission code is one of the smart lock system’s most significant advantages. You may do it right from your phone without waiting for a locksmith. Furthermore, you risk letting someone into your house who shouldn’t be there if you leave a hide-a-key somewhere and later learn that its location has been compromised. A smart lock system gives you complete control over all outside doors leading into your property. This can assist in avoiding potential thefts, break-ins, and other problems and provide pure peace of mind.

04. Increasing Your Connectivity

Download the app to your home or mobile device to integrate your smart locks with your home security system. Smart door locks can activate the locking mechanism if members of the family or house guests miss locking the door after leaving! When you’re halfway to Starbucks and start worrying that you forgot to lock the front door again, it’s a relief! Additionally, it can keep you out of your spouse’s bad books.

05. Smart Homes Programmable Features

Even while smart front door locks are fantastic on their own, when they are included in a wireless home alarm system or home automation platform, they provide even greater advantages. When connected to your home alarm systems, gadgets like smart locks, a smart thermostat, and brilliant lighting can all be programmed to cooperate in various ways.

06. Push Notifications On Your Smartphone

Notifications are among the main advantages of smart door security systems. With these locks installed, you get alerts if a door is unlocked or someone tries to gain access without authorization. Along with precise timing, smart lock notifications can inform you of who has locked or unlocked the door. Smart locks are also essential if you have children at home and want to ensure they have arrived home safely and on time.

07. Many Options To Consider

With many shapes and styles, today’s smart home security locks are renowned for offering unflinching and reliable security and adding charm to your spaces and premises. Whatever you want, the manufacturer will give it to you, whether you require a straightforward, understated design or one that reflects the newest fashions. Several variations are available, from basic smart doorknobs to futuristic ones with keyless access smart locks. You can select any lock set, whether you want one that looks like a conventional deadbolt or anything else you think will give your aesthetics more character.

To Sum It Up

The market is seeing a rise in demand for smart locks. There are many choices, although not all of them are worthwhile investments. Before making a choice, it’s critical to understand what you require and how much you intend to spend.

The best smart lock depends on various criteria, including your demands. These factors include cost, simplicity of installation, security features, and suitability with already-installed locks or doors. This can be daunting; therefore, DPS Alarm, an ADT-authorized dealer in California, is here to take the load off your shoulder. We’ll guide you on the smart home automation solutions required per your property area and location. Also, we provide smart security systems for businesses. If you’re looking for smart systems, your search ends here!

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