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Tips To Secure Your Garage From Break-Ins

Secure Your Garage

Forgetting about your garages is quite common when it comes to home security. Despite storing expensive items such as power tools and outdoor recreation equipment in unconditioned locations like garages, people are not interested in entering them because they are chilled. They aim to enter and exit your house as soon as possible while taking as much as possible. This is why smart home automation is making hype in the market today to secure your garage as well.

Additionally, burglars know that garages might contain expensive toys, pricey heirlooms, and other items that homeowners don’t store inside the house. Even worse, the inner access door to the garage is frequently left unsecured. This implies that even if your front and rear doors are closed, someone might easily enter your house if they obtain entry to your garage.

However, what if it’s difficult to get to the front door? This is irrelevant for robbers; they will still find a way in. It happens through your garage door 9% of the time as a substitute route.

Top 7 Ways To Secure Your Garage

Here we have brought together some top effective ways to ensure no burglar gets access to your possessions in the garage.

01. Light It Up

Burglars prefer to operate under cover of darkness, and many use the shadows cast by your garage to conceal their sneaky intrusions into your home. Burglars won’t try a midnight break-in if motion-activated flood lights are installed close to the garage windows and doors. Particularly useful for keeping detached garages visible are motion-activated lights. DPS, an ADT-authorized home security system dealer, has everything for your security needs.

02. Be Cautious Of Keypad Security Code

These days, keypads on garage doors are a very typical entry method. However, your home can be in danger if your access code is compromised. Keep it to yourself and treat it exactly like a bank account password. If you need to share it with someone, not a family member, such as the person taking care of your houseplants while you are away, ensure that you modify it after their need to enter your home has passed.

03. Secure Your Doors

Don’t overlook the door leading from your attached garage into your home while you secure your garage. Always remember to lock this entry door, first and foremost. If your door isn’t locked in the first place, a sophisticated deadbolt, smart lock, or motion sensor won’t do much. We advise strengthening the door’s strike plate and hanging a solid core door with a deadbolt to safeguard this door further. A single door sensor or one connected to a premium home security system would be ideal for your garage entry door.

04. Safely Conceal Your Remote

Not all burglars approach their targets blindly. The majority look around your house for signs that they’ll get paid. A burglar might choose your home as their next target if an open window showcases your garage’s valuable items. Instead of concealing the garage door remote in your car’s glove box or behind the seat, try to be creative with your hiding place. Since garage door remotes are frequently kept in cars, thieves will likely investigate here first when hunting for a push-button entry technique. The best action is never to leave anything in your car, particularly parked in your driveway.

05. Protect Your Garage With The Shield

A wire coat hanger is all it takes for a criminal to quickly unlock a garage door from the outside. All they need to do is use a tool to pry up the door’s top edge, insert the hanger through it, grip the rope with the hook, and pull. You can completely eliminate this risk by using a tool that prevents them from ever reaching the cord. These shield-like metal plates hang in front of the cord and prevent it from being reached.

06. Set Up A Security System

The best approach to prevent burglars from getting into your garage and the entire house is probably with a home security system; 83% of burglars say that the presence of an alert will make them rethink their plans. On the other hand, homes without a security system are 300% more likely to be burglarized than homes with alarms.

07. Focus On Landscaping

Particularly in the fall and spring, when new growth occurs or dead leaves are piling up, overgrown landscaping arises. However, remembering it will be simpler if you incorporate it into your family’s semi-annual gardening practices. Even while more daring intruders don’t mind prowling around your property in broad daylight, they’ll still use the shelter afforded by a strategically positioned tree or bush close to your garage entrance or window. By removing huge trees and shrubs and maintaining obvious access points from the street, you can ensure that neighbours and bystanders can see everything happening next to your garage. Small, prickly bushes beneath ground-floor garage windows can deter intruders from using those openings.


Last, don’t give criminals more reasons to break into your garage and steal your possessions. Even if you are at home, store your priceless objects while not in use, and avoid leaving your garage door open for extended periods of time. At DPS, as a security system supplier in California, we treat the security of your house as if it were our own. As a result, we provide the most cutting-edge home security systems available, along with 24-hour monitoring and our “no-theft” guarantee. Secure your garage with us today!

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