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Things To Know About Smart Door Locks

In recent years, the primary lock and key have been the go-to safeguard against unwelcomed guests. But now, smart locks have taken up the space. They are now a popular keyless substitute for traditional locks. Around 4 million units are sold yearly, with no signs of stopping. It’s safe to say that many people are confident in smart locks to update their home security systems. And paying a few hundred dollars to make the entrance door smarter is becoming a priority. It offers the various next-gen benefits and functioning that traditional locks do not provide.

What Exactly Are Smart Locks?

A smart lock is a WiFi or Bluetooth-enabled gadget that allows users to lock or unlock their home and office doors with a finger or a simple voice command. You may lock or unlock the door with a button at home, work, or on vacation. It eliminates the need to worry about leaving the door open again, and you can allow in a family member or roommate who has forgotten their key no matter where you are.

How Do They Work?

Smart locks may replace or supplement your existing deadbolt lock on your door. They are simple to set up. They attach to your existing deadbolt, which is ideal for anyone who isn’t proficient with tools. Installation time for add-on door locks is around 10 minutes, and for the locks that replace your deadbolt is roughly 20 to 30 minutes.

Once installed, you link the smart door lock to the app through Bluetooth or WiFi in your house. After that, you may use your phone to lock and unlock the door and control its other functions.

Some locks have keypads, allowing family members or visitors to unlock by entering an access code. Also, there are smart locks that come with fingerprint technology. You can open this lock using your fingerprint, like unlocking your phone. Also, you can opt for voice commands in smart door locks.

Benefits Of Smart Locks:

01. Provides you with high security

Burglary is a constant threat that all homeowners face. No matter how solid your lock is, any unwanted visitor might easily enter your property. However, because it does not require any keys, a smart locking system is a difficult nut for them to crack. Their technique is based on security standards used in banking systems. This implies that its digital encryption mode cannot be copied or translated. The robbers cannot select or bump the system this way, making it the best home automation system.

02. Convenient for the Elderly and Physically Impaired

Technology has made life considerably more straightforward for the disabled and elderly. And the intelligent door-locking system is no exception. Because it can be unlocked with a smartphone, an elderly citizen or specially-abled person does not need to battle with keys or approach the door to open it.

03. Increase Accessibility

Innovative technologies, from smart lighting and appliances to your home entrance system, are the way of the future – remain ahead of the curve. Vacation rental visitors, relatives, and senior family members can all gain entry using virtual keys. Smart locks are an excellent supplement to other gadgets that can be controlled remotely.

04. Smartphones Can Access Smart Locks

House keys are frequently lost. Consider smart locks with keypads to avoid losing keys or changing locks when renters move out. With devices like smartphones, you may use Bluetooth technology to open the door with your smartphone. You may also give your children the passcodes to track their entrance and leave. You can easily access them via your smartphone without the need to carry keys every time.

05. Remote monitoring

It allows you to provide access to many persons and track who enters and exits your house at any time of the day or night. You may remotely monitor and operate your home’s smart door locks.

06. Improve Your Connectivity

Download the app on your in-home or mobile device to integrate smart locks with your home security system. These smart door locks can engage the locking mechanism if family members or home guests fail to shut the door after leaving.


It is needless to state that smart locks are excellent solutions to boost security. Whether it is an office, home, or any area, such locks are the need of the hour. Opting for these smart door locks can be a great advantage for those looking to secure their places. For tailored security solutions for your home or business, contact us now! We’re the top ADT-authorized dealers in California.

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