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How Can Security Alarm Systems Help Protect Your Pets?

Protect Your Pets

Pets are an integral part of your family. They do not ask for much other than a safe, sheltered, warm home. In return, they will treat you with loyalty and unconditional love. To protect and take good care of your pets, you want your house to be their safest place.

Pet-friendly security alarm systems are the way to ensure the safety and comfort of your pet in your house. Several high-tech home security systems in California are pet friendly and can detect their motion. More importantly, security alarm systems also provide emergency features that can notify you or can contact your veterinary doctor.

To know how security systems can protect your pets, you must understand the mechanics and work of these systems.

How do they work?

Before installing any security system in your house, it is essential to tell your dealer that you own a pet. This will ensure better care and safety measures for your pet. The working of security system alarms is not very complex. Alarm systems these days operate on motion sensors and body heat monitoring. They identify and ignore any motion or activity with body heat up to 30 kg in weight, the usual weight of most pets.

Don’t be if you are always wondering if your pet will accidentally trigger your alarm system, don’t be. There is a considerable difference between the thermal levels of humans and pets. Modern-day alarm systems can detect such variance with great precision. Pets like dogs or cats do not emit as much radiation as humans do. This diminishes any chance of false alarms, as the alarm system will ignore the motion of your pets.

And if we talk about doors and windows, smart sensors, especially for pets are installed in alarm systems. They detect the slightest movement and allow your pet to pass through the pet door or flap. Multiple security alarm systems are advised if you have more than one pet.

Pet-Friendly Smart Home

Even upstairs, you don’t need to worry about your pet in the living room. You can know in which room your pet is with features like live monitoring and thermal sensors. With plenty of options in security alarm systems, the benefits of installing them for your pets have also increased.

Some benefits of having a security system to protect your pets are discussed below:

1. Protect Your Pets With Live Monitoring

Alarm systems are well equipped with high-quality cameras with HD recording, making it easier to keep a check on your pet with one click. In addition, they link up with your smartphone and give you your pet’s live location and whereabouts.

This way, you make sure about your pet’s well-being. The surveillance cameras have special motion detectors that will notify you when your pet enters a specific room. You can also know if your pet is wandering outside the house or asleep in bed.

2. Control the Door Movement

One of the most important things is to ensure that your pet stays indoors while you are asleep or out on vacation. With features like controlling the locks and doors of your home, you can rest easy and control its movement via your smartphone.

And when you are free to watch your pet, you can always open the doors and let your pet enjoy. Controlling your doors is a feature that will guarantee your pet’s safety.

3. Notify Emergency Alerts

Pets are silent animals; unlike humans, they cannot speak or call for help in an uncertain emergency. Therefore, protect your pet by taking all the safety measures to avoid such dreadful incidents becomes more important.

Smart sensors will notify you by monitoring your pet’s temperature drop. Some sensors will also give a stress call to the nearest veterinary clinic in emergencies. This can help save your pet’s life.

4. No Chance of Pet Theft

Being able to monitor your pet day in and day out safely makes it impossible for someone to steal your pet away. In addition, your security system’s 24-hour surveillance and smart motion sensors will immediately notify you to protect your pet if it is in danger.

5. Temperature Control

Thermal temperature monitors that the temperature of your pet is normal. You can also install temperature control sensors in your pet’s room security systems. This way, you can decrease and increase the room temperature depending on your pet’s temperature.

The temperature control feature in security systems is a great way to keep your pet warm and safe during the cold season. Automatic sensors can also sync up with fans installed near the pet house. Then, with one click, you can turn them on for your pet’s comfort.


Pets are considered man’s best friend. Do not let your best friend be taken away. Ensuring your pet’s safety is vital to owning a security system. With these many self-assuring benefits for your pets, you can rest easy. And now that you know the benefits of pet security the alarm systems offer, the only thing left is to pick the dealer. DPS has been the top ADT dealer in California for a long time, providing the utmost customer satisfaction and high-tech home and business solutions. With plenty of options for everyone, the safety of your pet and your family is guaranteed!

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