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Important Tips To Remember While Purchasing A Home Security System

Purchasing A Home Security System

You have bought your family a perfect home in a lively neighborhood. You have decorated and styled your house with all your heart. Now you are thinking of installing a random home security system, here is a fact that will open your eyes. According to the latest survey, more than 300 burglaries happen daily in the US. And most of the residents had a security system installed in their homes. Choosing the ideal security system is vital to your family’s safety. Now, you want to purchase a security system but don’t know where to start.

Here are the top 7 tips you should remember before buying a home security system.

1. Burglar systems are not Home Security Systems

People generally confuse burglar systems with home security systems and end up installing them. However, there is a considerable difference between them, as home security systems provide more benefits to your home than burglar systems. Therefore, you must be aware of the impressive features of smart home security systems.

As the name suggests, burglar systems are only for protection against burglars. In contrast, security systems protect your precious home from imminent danger.
Burglar systems have motion sensors installed on the windows and doors. However, they can only alert you if someone tries to break in. But a home security system has many more features, like alarming the owner in a fire or medical emergency.

Therefore, it is considered a better investment than burglar systems.

2. Choose your Dealer Wisely

If you do not choose your dealer wisely, having a preferred home security system in mind is not enough. There are many things you must ask your dealer or provider before hiring them. The first thing to ask is how long the company has been in the industry. The experience of the company naturally depicts its happy customers.

Secondly, does the company sign a contract or not? Most companies sign contracts with their customers (assuming they agree to the terms & conditions). Don’t be hasty; ensure that the dealer provides reasonable terms in the agreement. Do not sign anything you are unaware of. Always take as much time as you need while reading the contract.

Another point to consider is to check whether there is any warranty and guarantee on the security system. IoT-based home automation systems are impeccable but still machines and can sometimes malfunction.

Therefore, it is essential to sign a company that takes account of its products and provides some warranty period.

3. Home security systems can be affordable

Not all excellent security systems need to be expensive. You can still buy a security system for your home if you are on a tight budget and want to protect your house.

With the increasing competition in the industry, the range of options has opened up drastically. For example, security alarms and systems are available in every price range.

It is always better to research and look around before making a decision. Never listen to anyone and install some random system on their call.

4. Background check of the Employees

Assuming you signed a security company and they send employees to install the home security system at your place. Those employees and installers will gradually have access to and knowledge about your security system and its contents.

They will also know the whereabouts of the valuable things in your house. This is as equal as having access to your family. Therefore, it becomes crucial to ensure that the company conducts a thorough background check of their staff before hiring them so that you can trust the process entirely.

5. Live monitoring over recording

It is advised to choose live video monitoring with high-quality cameras over recording the day’s activity and viewing it later. This gives you the liberty to view your house and its surroundings even when you are out of town or at work.

Companies these days offer live feed monitoring features in their security systems. Make sure to ask them before signing a contract. Always prefer high-quality equipment and cameras in your security systems. So that if you catch any suspicious activity in the live feed, you can view it clearly and identify the culprit.

6. Additional services are not always beneficial

As you come close to signing the contract, your dealer will provide you with additional services. These services may seem tempting as they are made that way. But they are not necessarily beneficial.

For instance, if you do not have extravagant paintings or sculptures to protect, there is no need to pay for special packages.

7. Satisfaction is the Key

The protection of your house is your own decision. Do not stray from your decision just because you saw a fancy advertisement or heard about it from someone else. Always research and make a decision you and your family can fully agree upon.

If 99 out of 100 factors in a company are great, but you are unsure about the last one, don’t go for it. Instead, choose a security system by weighing its pros and cons according to your budget.


Choosing a security system dealer can be exhausting, but this checklist will protect you in all departments. And Direct Protection Security covers all the bases and provides your home with the security it needs. In addition, it considers decades of research, advanced technology, and customer reviews to deliver the best products in this security realm.

With years of experience in the industry, we are California’s top home and business protection solution provider, with a customer satisfaction rate off the charts. To ensure that your house rests safely without you having to worry, contact us now!

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