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Maintaining Ideal Room Temperature For A Perfect Home

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We frequently come across the term “room temperature” in our day-to-day lives, but do we know what exactly is the right room temperature? Understanding the suitable room temperature is very important to keep your energy bills within the budget and maximise your comfort in the home. The external environment also impacts the indoor temperature, and room temperature differs from place to place according to climatic conditions. The temperature preference also varies from person to person based on their physiology.

We will provide you with specific room temperature guidelines that will outline the ideal temperature of the room and at what level to keep the temperature for optimum comfort and energy saving. Learn how to maintain a comfortable indoor climate and the temperature settings for different age groups and seasons. We will also look at how modern technology helps create ambient room temperature. Let us get a complete view of creating an indoor climate that caters to your mood and boosts your productivity.

What Is An Ideal Room Temperature?

Let us start by understanding what is an ideal temperature for the room. Room temperature is a common term you may have heard on cooking shows. It means the most common temperature for an average individual indoors in the home. The definition of room temperature depends upon certain factors like humidity, outdoor environment and circulation of air indoors of the house. Although it generally falls in the range of 68 to 74 degrees Fahrenheit. This range is the ideal average room temperature for most homes.

With the advent of technology and smart home automation solutions, it has become easier to control your home’s temperature as per your preferences. Different people have different preferences for an ideal room temperature, and you need to consider other factors like the presence of older people, babies, or pets in the home to set a perfect temperature. Keeping your home at a preferable temperature has become more accessible and less costly, thanks to the improved insulations and advanced home automation devices that let you control your home’s temperature with a single tap.

Room Temperature For Babies & Elderly

As we discussed earlier, it is crucial to set a comfortable and suitable temperature in the house for older people, babies, and pets and create a comfortable indoor climate. Both babies and older adults are susceptible to variations in the room temperature, and they are prone to certain dangers if the temperature rises above or drops below a certain level. The ideal temperature for babies falls between 65 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit, as excessive heating makes them prone to dangers.

It is vital to maintain a favourable indoor climate for the elderly as it is for babies because older people are also prone to various health hazards if the temperature is not at an ideal level. Even a minor change in the temperature can make them more prone to falling ill or any possible medical condition like respiratory diseases. Maintaining a temperature between 68 to 74 degrees Fahrenhiet is considered reasonable to provide your elders with an ambient environment. Make sure to consider any prior health conditions of the older people before setting the room temperature.

Room Temperature In Summers And Winters

Winters require consistent heating and a cosy indoor environment, so your heating equipment will push the electricity bills. To save up costs, set your thermostat at 68 degrees Fahrenheit, and if you want more heating, then you can put the thermostat anywhere between 68 degrees Fahrenheit to 76 degrees Fahrenheit, according to your heating needs. Your thermostat setting for winter depends on the outside weather and your personal preferences.

Summer is when cooling equipment like air conditioners work to their full potential, burdening your pockets. Setting an ideal room temperature in the summer can be tricky, but we have your back. The thermostat setting for summer should be at 76 degrees Fahrenheit for ambient and soothing room temperature. You can lower the temperature to 68 degrees Fahrenhiet if you want a more relaxed environment to enjoy your movie time in bed.

How To Maintain It

We hinted at your best buy to maintain an ideal temperature in your house: the smart thermostat. Our company provides the most professional, accurate, and reliable installation of your home’s smart thermostat so you can set the room temperature according to your mood. The smart thermostat is the culmination of cutting-edge technology that provides comfort and convenience. This home automation device is all you need for an ambient, calming indoor experience. Set the room temperature from anywhere so your loved ones, including babies, older people and pets, can enjoy the homestay.

This smart device will offer highly personalised temperature control, and you can adjust, schedule, and monitor your home temperature anywhere on your computer or mobile device. The smart thermostat will also alert you if the temperature drops below a certain level so you can take precautionary measures to prevent bursting pipes. Enjoy greater control of your energy bills as this device sets the right temperature according to your daily routine and helps you save money on your energy bills.


We discussed the ideal room temperature and the temperature levels for different people and seasons. Maintaining a perfect home temperature is essential to save energy when you are not home and provide a suitable environment that boosts your productivity. Smart thermostats help you a lot in maintaining a perfect room temperature with the help of modern technology. However, a smart device is only as efficient as a home automation service provider. That is why you need expert home automation and security solution providers like us.

We are one of California’s leading home automation and security service providers, and we promise you the most professional and precise installation of your smart thermostat. We offer the best home automation and security solutions. Our trained professionals deliver the best-in-class services that make your life safer and more effortless. Contact us now so that our installation experts can make the temperature control process more convenient and cost-saving with the advanced smart thermostats.

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