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How Door And Window Sensors Can Protect You From Break-Ins?

Door and Window Sensors

Secured doors and windows are the first lines of defense against house invasions. Whether crooks kick a door in, discover a secret key, or leave it unlocked, about one-third of all burglaries begin with someone boldly entering a property through the front door. Here, door and window sensors are an excellent way to protect your property. They are reasonably inexpensive and straightforward to install.

Nonetheless, they prevent anyone from entering your premises without your knowledge. But how do they work, and can you use them on your sliding glass patio door? We have all the answers, so keep reading.

How Do Door And Window Sensors Function?

In simple terms, door sensors alert you when a door is opened. The contact sensor, which employs a magnet to operate a circuit that triggers an alert or alarm, is the most prevalent type of door sensor. However, a second type includes pressing a switch for the same primary purpose. They detect the motion and notify the owner about the same.

Top Benefits Of Installing Door And Window Sensors

01. Keep criminals out

When you install and activate window and door sensors as home automation in California, your home security system will notify you whenever the sensors are triggered. They can contact authorities and check in on you by phone to assure your safety. And also, this can benefit calling out the cops within time to prevent the crime at the stop.

02. Keep In Touch With Loved Ones

Window and door sensors are frequently installed to keep nasty individuals out. But they can also be used to keep good ones in if you have children that enjoy nothing more than opening the door and exploring the outdoors without informing you. You can configure your system to tell you whenever the doors and windows are opened furthermore, if you have senior citizens living with you who tend to leave the house without alerting anybody. With these sensors, you can stay on top while ensuring their safety.

03. Mind Relaxation

Knowing you’ve done everything possible to defend your house, including monitoring any potential entry points, you’ll have peace of mind from knowing your family and property are safe.

04. Additional Deterrent

A loud alarm will sound if your home security system is activated and someone tries to enter through the windows or doors. This will prevent thieves who do not want to draw attention to themselves and notify you and your family that a break-in attempt is underway.

Applications of Doors and Window Sensors

Many homeowners use door sensors to protect their entrances but can also be used on other doors. They are so adaptable that they quickly become one of the most common activity triggers in smart home design. In reality, wireless door sensors can be used for more than only monitoring entrance points:

  • To keep children away from a medicine cabinet
  • To keep late-night snackers away from the kitchen
  • To activate smart lighting
  • As part of your smart speaker’s routine
  • When a door opens, turn on the lights.


There is no doubt that window and door sensors are essential to look out for the best security of homes and businesses. Direct Protection Security is the best security system dealer in California to help you to get the best range of home sensors and customized security systems. We offer the best security systems that suit your safety needs. Contact our experts today and safeguard your premises now!

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