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Top 7 Checklists To Make Your Home Safer

Home Safety Checklist

Property crime has been the most common form of offense in the US. Many people may have been victims of property crime at some point. Still, most are unaware of the scope of crime in their area, so having a thorough awareness is critical to staying safe and secure. Constantly changing trends in how crimes happen or thieves operate have been observed. Simultaneously, the method of law enforcement agencies to combat the threat has been upgraded. Yet, it is keenly advised to keep your home security services in check to avoid major mishaps.

Following is the top checklist to make your home safer:

1. Emergency Numbers

Always keep emergency numbers saved on every phone in your home (including fire, police, doctor(s), ambulance service, etc.). Specific scenarios may develop from time to time, causing panic and confusion. The best thing you can do is be prepared and have emergency numbers on hand to avoid chaos. This would help you in reaching out to emergency services on time.

2. Keep Your Locks In Check

It is no wonder that doors and windows are invaders’ most common entry points. If you have simple doors, ensure your external doorways are well-equipped with a high-quality locking system. You might consider a secondary lock that stops gliding doors from being forced open, along with the standard door lock for sliding doors and windows.

3. See Who Is At Your Door

Generally, the front doors come with a peephole. If your entry doesn’t have one, you might need to install it. The inability to see who approaches your front door is a significant concern. This could be a means for a criminal to obtain access to the home. Thus, installing a camera doorbell can be a wise option to secure your home in a better and more advanced way. When someone approaches the front door, it records HD video, which you can view in real-time to confirm visitors’ identities.

4. Choose Best Safety Practices For Vacations

Theft reports pile up during vacation seasons. Hence it is crucial to secure your home before leaving for the trip. Do not broadcast everything on social media about your travel, as it may provide the criminal an opportunity to signal that the house is empty. If you have any magazines or newspaper subscriptions, you might need to stop them while you are away.

5. Manage Your Spare Keys

One of the most critical home security and alarm system rules is never leaving a key outside. In the fast-paced scenario, even criminals are becoming more intelligent. They know almost all familiar hiding places for spare keys. No matter how brilliant you believe your hiding place is, there’s a strong chance a burglar will consider it. Thus you must be cautious about what you do with the extra keys. An alternate solution could be handing the keys to your trusted neighbors or a nearby family member. Also, you can use technology for the same–door keypads enable one to secure their home with security codes. Smart locks provide a keyless entrance and may be locked or opened using a smartphone app. They can also be set to send alerts to your phone and keep access to records.

6. Examine Your Security System

An advanced ADT home security alarm system has proven to be one of the most effective ways to protect your home. Timely review can be a great way to keep everything under control. Most panels contain a testing tool that allows you to verify that all components are functioning correctly. As for cameras, make sure they are placed at right angles. Notify your smart wireless system provider that you’ll be testing and double-check each component for functionality.

7. Upgrade Your Security System

Ensure all your home automation systems are updated to the latest version and that all features function perfectly. If your cameras are older, you should consider a newer type that records in HD. You get increased security and a wide range of functions with smart systems. You may install smart locks, lights, image sensors, fire prevention, protection devices, etc. The best time to check your security system is while examining it.


Many unknown risks might exist in homes, threatening anyone – from infants to the elderly. Apart from theft, consumer products in the home injure 33 million people each year, yet most of these accidents are preventable. Thus practicing prevention and hazard-proofing your house can save lives. This can be done by installing smart home safety systems. Direct Protection Security offers various security services, including security cameras, alarms, doorbells, motion sensors, etc., and other automated safety systems to keep your home safe. To know more, contact us now!

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