Things to Look for Before Buying an Indoor Camera

Video monitoring is the most crucial aspect of every security system. And in California, buying the right camera can make all the difference when it comes to your home security. You need to know the right choices available out there in order to equip your home automation system fully. But why do indoor cameras need to be installed in ourĀ home security systems? Security cameras are considered the most reliable and safe tools in the security industry. They can single-handedly increase the level of your security. This makes sure that even when you are away, you can always keep an eye on your house. They provide the necessary evidence to identify and catch the culprits. In addition, a wide variety of indoor cameras are available, depending upon the customer’s needs. Therefore, knowing what to buy from your ADT dealer will help you save a lot of time.

Listed below are the things you need to know before buying an indoor security camera.

01. Quality and Resolution

Since you have decided to install indoor cameras in your security systems, it is crucial to detect their quality. It is not advised to install low-quality indoor cameras, as they will capture the footage but won’t help identify the culprit. What good will come if you know the robbery has occurred but cannot identify the burglar?

High-end home automation devices will always assure your safety. Indoor camera with a resolution of 1080p or higher are recommended in home security systems. Lower than that, and it will evidently compromise your home security. Another point to keep in mind is to go for 24/7 colored monitoring instead of black and white cameras. Colored tracking will make sure every detail around your property is captured.

02. Camera Storage

Opting for a high-resolution camera will also require a fair bit of storage capacity. You can be gone for weeks on your vacation, so the camera must be capable enough to store high-quality recordings for a long time. Indoor cameras with decent storage options will always be a plus point. It is advised to look for all the available options.

For example, security system dealers in California provide built-in storage drives and memory options. And while opting for wireless indoor cameras, ensure you have a stable internet connection within the range.

03. Smart Features

Your indoor camera should be smart enough to provide features like pausing the recording, zooming in on the video, and much more. Another essential element is to have a wide field of vision. The term field of vision describes the area your camera captures at once.

Your camera should provide a field vision of 140 degrees, if not more. This will ensure that every activity gets captured from a broader perspective. And if these smart features are missing in the camera, then it is not worth buying. You can also check out the various other impressive features of smart home security system.

High Resolution CCTV Camera

04. Durability

You do not want to replace your high-resolution cameras every now and then. That is why durability becomes vital to keep in mind before buying a camera. In addition, it would be best if you purchased cameras depending upon the location.

Do not go for cameras that cannot resist heat and water for a long time. It is advised to check the reviews of the camera manufacturers or ask your ADT dealer head-on. Also, stay away from the indoor  cameras, which are super sensitive and require high maintenance all the time.

05. Night Vision

So, you have a suitable storage capacity for your high-resolution camera, it is equally important to have night vision accessibility too. It is relatively easy to identify objects and faces during the daytime. However, the device’s quality is genuinely tested at night.

We cannot ignore the fact that more than 65% of robberies happen at night. Therefore, relying on a camera with no night vision will be a mistake. A night vision feature with a range of at least 20 feet or more is recommended if you want your camera to capture clear and bright images.

06. Motion Detection

Having a high-tech home automation system but without smart cameras is a complete let-down. With the advancement in technology, it becomes vital to go for cameras that can detect and focus on motion indoors and outdoors. Motion detecting smart cameras allow the users to manage and access the live footage of where the action takes place.

Smart monitoring lets you focus on a specific person, room, or area. With features like face recognition and voice controls, smart cameras will surely give a boost to your home automation system.

07. Mobile Application

Almost everything can be done via mobile apps, then why not add it to your home security? A mobile app will ensure you can see your house wherever you are and whenever you want. In addition, it will allow you to take control of your security into your hands.

You can turn it on or off whenever you want and view the surveillance while travelling. The app will also ensure you can save and view a specific recording later. Features like voice control using Alexa and Siri will also come in handy in the mobile application.

Mobile Surveillance CCTV


Indoor cameras become your eyes when you are not around. Therefore, it becomes essential to choose your virtual eyes with utmost satisfaction. Unfortunately, the smart camera market is like a minefield, with a variety of dealers having a different range of prices.

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