Why You Should Get a Home Security System for Senior Citizens

Over the previous century, life expectancy has risen considerably. Indeed, the World Health Organization predicts that by 2050, persons over 65 will outnumber youngsters under the age of 14. Scientific advancements like smart-home technology and security systems for the seniors, also known as reliable domotics, enable them to stay safe in their homes.

For the safety of seniors, an intelligent home security system can be a beneficial investment. You receive enhanced security, and many of these systems may enable home automation features that make life easier for you. Smart home security systems are reliable solutions that improve home safety for the elderly and help parents care by monitoring their houses. Thus, keeping them secure and protected.

Here is a list of the top 5 reasons why one should have home safety systems for senior citizens:

01. Prevents Criminal Activity

The first and most significant benefit of installing a home security system is preventing criminal activities. Seniors are considered the easiest target for burglaries. Criminals assume that they are not physically active enough to safeguard their homes or care about installing home automation systems.

However, in today’s tech advanced scenario, smart home systems have reduced crime rates to a notable percentage. Reports have shown that installing a basic security system could easily prevent about 87% of property crimes. Criminals are drawn toward these soft targets, so if they come across a home with a security system, they will usually go on to a less risky target.

02. Assured Safety

You are protected against more than one crime with a modern smart alarm system. These systems can be equipped with fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. The best part is that they keep working during the power outage, saving the elderly from becoming a potential target for criminals.
Generally, burglars enter the house through main doors 34% of the time. Hence a home protection system consisting of motion sensors and security cameras will send you warning alerts on your smartphone. It will give you enough time to call for help in case of any mishappenings.

03. Automated Home Technology for Medical Assistance

It is no mystery that senior citizens are more prone to medical troubles. Taking care of older parents often necessitates awareness of significant health issues such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, or diabetes. Hence, health alert devices are included in elderly alarm systems. Some of these may be carried around the house and are wireless.

Old Women Using Smart Security Device

In the case of a medical emergency, you can also set up stationary devices that will send out an alarm or some form of trigger. When you require protection for seniors, the push of a safety alarm button can send emergency professionals to your location.

04. Keep Elderly’s Independent

Often senior citizens hate the idea of leaving their homes or losing their independence. Yet some are forced to do so due to safety concerns. A smart home security system for seniors, on the other hand, can assist them in maintaining your freedom. Adding a smart security system and innovative elements like an electric doorbell can make their life easier. In fact, the family will feel better about elders being independent, and they will be less likely to recommend moving away.

If your family members know you have an alarm system, they will be less concerned. Further, allow a trusted family member to register with the mobile apps connected to all these security sensors to get timely alerts.

05. An Efficient Home

Installing a security system in your home protects you from burglaries. It makes it more efficient, especially for children and senior citizens residing. Some of these come with smart lighting and locks. Anyone approaching the main door will enable sensors to automatically follow the motion and turn on the lights. Hence, the hustle with keys is no longer required. You can easily type the passcode to enter your home, and no stranger will know it. Therefore safety and convenience at the same time.

Happily Living Elderly Couple

The Bottom Line

At home, older individuals feel constantly unsafe and fear intruders and break-ins. A home security system is an essential expense. But not every system is made equal, especially when it comes to accessibility for the elderly. DPS smart home security systems are easy to operate and assure the safety of residents of all ages. Our systems are equipped with advanced technology features to ensure the protection of all angles of your home sweet home. Contact us now!