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Best Placement For Your Outdoor Security Cameras

Outdoor security Camera


Security cameras are a boon to modern houses and have improved the quality of lifestyle. You can now easily monitor your house premises, monitor any suspicious activities, and ensure your family’s safety through these cameras. Outdoor security cameras have served as eyes and ears for many American homes and helped reduce house break-ins and theft. Outdoor security cameras not only protect your house but also record the possible view within their optical range and help in surveillance and protection of the neighborhood from any kind of vandalism, theft, or burglaries.

In some instances, thieves block the view of these cameras or steal them only to prevent themselves from being identified. This problem requires a modern solution. In this blog, we will tell you some camera placement strategies that will make your home safer for your family and less prone to burglary and theft. Placing your cameras at strategic spots will give your smart home security an edge over intruders and ensure your family’s safety.

Be Present at The Front Doors

The front door is the most obvious entry point for any human into your house. You need to place a camera on your front door that will deter the intentions of the burglars as they will notice the omnipresent eye of your home security affixed on the front view of your property. To help you in such a scenario, technology has helped in creating smart doorbells like Google Nest Doorbell. It will be your front door guardian and provide visual protection to your family. It’s more than just a doorbell. It helps you determine the person’s identity before they even enter your home.

Front cameras also help you fight porch pirates and safeguard your valuable packages from the claws of such thieves. The front door view will help you identify any suspicious activity or unknown person who tries to access your home without your permission.

Secure the Backdoors

Thieves are notorious criminals famous for bizarre entries and exits from houses and buildings. That’s why you also need to install outdoor security cameras at the backdoor, as this will cover one of the main entries to your house. Position the camera to cover a wide area and capture the possible locations where an intruder or suspicious activity can emerge. The visual range of the backdoor and front door covered by security cameras will deter most of the possible burglary attempts.

Keep an Eye on Your Windows

The windows are also a luring entry point for thieves and burglars to break into your home. Most burglars would not opt to enter through windows facing the street as the sound of thrashing glass during break-in or burglars’ peculiar entry style may catch a neighbor’s eye.

The obscure windows facing sideways are a good entry point for such stealers. Besides their positioning, windows are a weaker part of your house structure as they are less intense than doors. You need to install a security camera near your windows that are not facing streets to minimize the threat of break-ins through your windows.

Cover Those Yards and Lawns.

Install outdoor security cameras in your yards, as these can be good hiding areas for intruders, especially when plants obstruct a clear view of your property. Not only will these cameras protect your house from thieves, but they will also help you monitor your children and pets. This way, you can always stay informed on your lawn’s activities; if anything suspicious happens, just dial the emergency number.

Don’t Forget Your Garage and Driveway

The garage is also a favorite entry point for burglars as garages usually have cars and valuable tools that the thieves love to steal. Installing a security camera outside your garage will help you surveillance your driveway and any suspicious activities around your vehicles. This security camera will also help you monitor possible vandalism attempts and unfamiliar vehicle pull-ups near your house.

Check These Before Installing an Outdoor Camera

Now that you are clear on all the places you need to install those security cameras let’s look at the things you need to consider before installing an outdoor security camera. These parameters will strengthen your outdoor security and ensure maximum protection of your family from outside threats.

Weather Durability

Make sure that your outdoor cameras are resistant to harsh outside weather. One way to check their durability is to ensure they have good IP ratings and are made of dust and water-resistant materials. Check if the camera can operate in high heat or cold temperatures according to your geographical area. If you also want a durable, weather-proof outdoor camera with night vision, two-way audio and HD video feed with a wide lens, then the Google Nest outdoor camera is your knight in shining armor.

The Number of Cameras

Nowadays, all the devices in smart home security are connected to wifi and require good internet speed for proper functioning. Make sure that you deploy only the necessary number of cameras. Such installation will not put a load on internet connectivity. We suggest you have separate wifi for your cameras as your safety is ensured with a reliable internet connection with the cameras.

Out of Reach for Criminals

Place your cameras at a sufficient height to prevent your precious camera from being stolen or rendered useless by intruders. Place it at a height that is hard to reach from burglars, but don’t place it too high as it can affect the video quality and hamper the working of various sensors.

Ensure Minimum Blind Spots

Installing cameras at spots that cover the maximum view of your property and have a wide range of optical viewpoints will eliminate the possible blind spots in your security systems. You can also place cameras at various angles to cancel out each camera’s blind spot and have a complete view of your house.

Well-lit Areas

Security cameras provide a clear feed in a well-lit area, allowing them to capture possible intruders and alert you. Placing the outdoor camera in a well-lit area will help you identify and differentiate between your family members from burglars and thieves. This way, you can make an informed decision on whether to get alerted.


These are the strategic spots to place your outdoor security cameras for maximum home security and peace of mind for yourself and your family. You can get the most out of your outdoor security by placing these cameras strategically to prevent burglars and intruders. DPS is California’s top business and home security solution provider with a wide range of security cameras. If you also want your home fully secured, we are just a call away. Contact us now and avail yourself of the best home security solutions to make your house a fortress and keep your family safe.

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