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Benefits Of ADT Dealers Over Local Security Service Providers

ADT Dealers

Just because you believe you live in a safe neighborhood doesn’t guarantee your family’s safety. Having a smart home security system surely does. But just for the sake of it, people install security systems from a local security service provider. This compromises their family’s safety in the near future.

Compared to any local security service provider, ADT dealers have proven their reliability from time to time. And in California, there is a definite sense of relief and accountability for ADT-authorized dealers than any other local service provider.

Are you still having a dilemma about it? Here lies a detailed analysis of ADT authorized dealers vs. local security service providers:

1. Plethora of Services

Having a smart home security system requires a lot of work. And if your service provider has a limited number of options, then you are already putting your security at risk. Your security dealer should provide you with plenty of options to choose from.

Unlike local service providers, ADT authorized dealers to provide several services and packages, giving you the liberty to choose yourself. Having a pool of service options represents the reliability of the dealer. ADT-authorized dealers to provide various packages like remote control, Video surfacing, Business security, and other smart security devices. On the other hand, local security service providers have no unique options for your house and offices.

2. High-Quality Features

Quality is the most vital part while selecting security systems. And if the place is your home, you cannot afford to compromise even a little bit. Almost all smart home security systems are operable with the help of IoT (the internet of things). IoT links your home appliances and equipment to the internet.

Living in California, with increasing numbers of crimes, it has become a necessity to have a smart home security system. ADT-authorized dealers provide the feature of controlling all your security equipment using voice recognition, software apps, and sensors.

Features like anti-burglary systems, sensor activity monitoring, front door camera locks, and many more are hard to find in local security service providers. And if your dealer cannot provide these high-quality features, even after spending a lot of money, it is not worth picking.

3. Warranty and Guarantee

ADT is the most experienced home and business security provider in the United States. They take full accountability for their service. In addition, they provide a six-month money-back guarantee with all the high-quality technology and equipment.

Whereas local security service providers rarely provide such warranties. The quality of equipment used by the local providers is subpar compared to that of the ADT-authorized dealers. And with no product guarantee to back it up, choosing local services over ADT dealers will be a huge gamble.

4. Professional Approach

A small local security provider might not have the experience and staffing to handle clients proficiently. But on the other hand, ADT-authorized dealers are utterly professional in their approach toward their customers.

5. Excellent Service and Response Time

There can be problems with your smart home security system at times. Regular service of your security system is essential for its longevity and performance. But if your service provider is delaying the service or dodging your calls, it makes you concerned.

Local security companies, being understaffed most of the time, cannot afford to provide service to multiple clients. This causes the customer to lose faith in the provider. ADT-authorized dealers to guarantee impeccable service with a quick response time. They have centers all over the province and can get to the client in one call. Thus, you don’t need to spend even a single night with your faulty security system.

They have the experience and the expertise to deal with unprecedented scenarios that may arrive at times. Compared to them, local service providers are relevantly new to the market with less experience in the industry.

ADT authorized dealers to have separate business and smart home security systems and teams. As a result, they are trained to handle situations professionally, ensuring their customer’s security never gets compromised.

6. Customer Satisfaction

Even if you are away from home and a burglar breaks in. The software installed in the ADT security system will immediately notify you and send a distress call to the nearest police station.

Not only this, ADT security provides panic buttons for medical and fire emergencies as well. Isn’t this considered customer satisfaction?

A satisfied customer is a happy customer. And if your security dealer provides a guarantee, accountability, and quality assurance like ADT dealers do, then you are in safe hands.

7. 24-hour Customer Support

Being in the industry for a long time, we provide 24-hour customer support in an emergency. This gives the customer a sense of reliability in the dealer, which is lacking if you hire any local security service.

In the case of today’s modern security equipment, it can sometimes be a bit complicated. Therefore, having someone to guide you anytime you need a deep understanding and knowledge of a product to satisfy a customer.

Being understaffed and having less experience does not allow local service providers to appoint a separate wing for customer support. This is where ADT dealers’ quality standards and experienced professionals make the difference.


With many security options, unbending quality, a professional and friendly approach, and great service quality, it is a no-brainer to choose ADT-authorized dealers over any local security service provider. And Direct Protection Security, the top home and business protection provider in California, ensures everything with unbeatable prices. With specialized teams and professional employees, and is the most trustful ADT authorized dealer in California. With a long and successful history, we ensure that the quality of security is never compromised. Contact us now!

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