Checklist To Maintain Your Home Security System

Your home is the biggest asset, and you must do everything to keep it safe and sound. Whether you’re moving into a new house or planning to upgrade the home security system of your current premises –caution and safety are pivotal.

According to a report, out of 56% of reported crimes in California, 26% were robberies. Scary indeed!

So pull your socks up and know how to secure your home and your family’s privacy – by ensuring your security system performs to its optimum level, has no breakdowns, and is in tip-top condition.

Checklist For The Home Security System

01. Weekly Checks

One of the best ways to ensure your house security system is kept in the best conditions is by ensuring weekly checks.

What to check on a weekly basis?

  • Check batteries

Make sure the batteries of your home security system are kept up to date. Many security systems consume a lot of energy. And checking them weekly will tell you about their energy consumption – and will also ensure your batteries are well-recharged and they don’t fail to secure your home.

  • Clean devices

Dust accumulated on your security system can hamper the delicate inner workings of your system. Don’t let the dust bunnies and cobwebs interfere with your home safety. Make sure you wipe away those dust and clean your house security system on a weekly basis.

Also, clean off the dust and the smudges from your camera lenses for a clear view.

02. Monthly Checks

These are the monthly checks for your home security system.

What to check on a monthly basis?

  • Updating the app

Hackers are really smart – and before you even know anything, they will create such technical loopholes that will be hard for you to detect. To save yourself from such mishaps, make sure you keep your home security app updated and free from glitches.

  • Run a self-diagnostic on the control panel

Monthly, run a self-diagnostic check on the control panel to work out defects and bugs. You can also install home security systems from ADT authorized dealers in California and let the professionals take care of these without you having to hassle through it.

Home Security App Update
  • Check the status of your property security system

If your house security system has test buttons, ensure they are functioning properly. Also, you can run a status check on your device, and for that, you need to talk to your security company.

  • Check fire detectors

Go around the house and take your time to test if the fire alarms are working correctly. If you have smart smoke detectors installed at your property, don’t forget to check them using various apps

03. Six-Months Check

This checklist is very crucial. It includes some of the things that we don’t even think about after installing a home security system – but checking once every six months is necessary.

What to check on a half-yearly basis?

  • Sensors

Typically people don’t give much thought to sensors until they start malfunctioning. Here are a few points that you must bear in mind while running a check on the sensors

i. Make sure they are firmly attached to doors, windows, and walls

ii. It is not affected by humidity

iii. Do some movement to ensure the sensor is working. If not, it’s time to change their battery.

Ditch these tensions, and install home security sensors from ADT authorized dealers in California. They strategically install sensors around your home and ensure they perform at their best with periodic checks and tests.

  • Check Battery

Though you are already running a weekly battery check of your house security system, this is an in-depth check of all the batteries included in your home security system. Check the battery of the sensors, the smoke detectors, the remote – and everything you think needs to be checked. If possible, make a note of the things you need to check and proceed accordingly.

  • Perimeter Check

As the season is changing, a lot can happen to your outdoor space. And to keep yourself safe from such mishaps, make sure you’re checking the outdoor security devices at an interval every six months.

Tweak the activity zone and privacy zone settings. Set the camera in a way where they can capture the whole area and can detect any movement in the area.

04. Annual Checks

Replacing Security Camera Battery

Yearly there are a few maintenance tasks that you must take care of. Though it may seem challenging at first, but it is worth the effort.

  • Vulnerability audit

Go around your home and check your security system, and then assess whether your security system is missing anything or if you need anything for your security system.

  • Warranty/Contract Checkup

Check the warranty and the contract of your security system at least once a year. Do the necessary upgrades.


Your property is your safety adobe – and it is your responsibility to make sure it is safe and secure. Follow this checklist to make your home security system up and running without any discrepancies.

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